Most Overrated Christopher Nolan Films

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      Easily the most overrated Nolan film is Dunkirk…no interesting characters and bland as hell. What say you?

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      Yeah it’s probably Dunkirk; I love war movies but have not had any desire to watch it a second time

      No blood in a war movie hurts too

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      The Dark Knight Rises, however it’s still a very good movie

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      They wasted 10 minutes talking about corn.

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        This came from my original profile, which was deleted because of this comment.

        I am outraged.

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          The talking about corn part is the best part. How else am I supposed to know the uses of corn.

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        Couldn’t agree more

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        I think Inception is a goddamn masterpiece

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        I agree, Inception.

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      Agreed Tuggs! The more you watch and think about Inception the less it holds up over time

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      Interstellar. I think Christopher Nolan was trying to pull off another Inception, but it just didn’t have the same finesse. Sadly, the story was drowned out by the “science”.

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      None of his movies are overrated to me. Doesn’t mean they met my expectations(TDKR) however he has made pretty awesome movies regardless.

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      TDKR is an average film at best…most people will say that but anyone that says otherwise is overrating it

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      The Dark Knight, it is good but fuck me dead people act like it’s bigger then the second coming of Jesus

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        Booooo it is that good and you know it! ;)

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          i said it was good, it’s still overrated though

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            TDK is my least favorite out of the trilogy. It is really good but definitely overrated.

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        While i agree Lethal which movie should we be treating like the second coming?

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          Evil Dead 2

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            Never seen it. But if you recommend it I’ll check it out. Only though if you say tornado dong somewhere on your next video

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        This explains why you like Snyder’s DCEU. I’m not even bothered that you don’t appreciate the undeniable greatness of TDK

        It is the second coming – it’s that great. The best CBM ever made 😍

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          You worship a false God hahaah


          The greatest CMB is Mask of the Phantasam

          Facts don’t care about feelings

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      Batman Begins.  First half, how Bruce Wayne became Batman was awesome but second half of the movie was mostly meh admittedly.  Also Katie Holmes was cringe.  Good that she was re-cast.

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        I would agree with that completely.

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      Obviously Dark Knight.

      If Heath Ledger didn’t die there would be much more of a discussion about how his portrayal of Joker didn’t match the character very well.

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        I like to believe that his portrayal was great despite his tragic death. He nailed the psychopathic side of Joker really fuckin’ good. Jack Nicholson is great for the playful “joke” side of Joker & Heath Ledger is great for the brutal, never-know-what-he’s-gonna-do-next kind of Joker. Although Joaquin Phoenix is pretty good as well for the “decent into madness” that we rarely see.


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      I’d have to go with Dunkirk. Fell for the media hype and wanted to see what the movie was about. Was pretty meh tbh.

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        As far as the OP goes I can’t say because I haven’t seen any Nolan films other than his Batman trilogy. If I had to pick one out of those 3 I’d say Dark Knight Rises. I just don’t care for it & only saw it once for the sake of completing the trilogy(& that was 2 years ago that I finally saw it) but when it came out a few of my friends said it was the best Batman movie so it already put a sour taste in my mouth about it. I do, however, want to see Dunkirk.

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      I personally think Batman Begins I think it’s an ok movie, but some of the stuff in is hit or miss for me.

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      I would say ALL OF THEM!!


      But if I had to pick one that is more overrated than the others it would be Interstellar.

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      I would say Dunkirk, even though it’s great, it just doesn’t feel like Nolan’s specialty, also I think Insomnia was a bit underwhelming, but he is still my favorite director

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      Don’t really get the hate for Dunkirk. The movie I think was more about recreating the atmosphere of actually being there (The dread, the uncertainty, the fear), rather than the more traditional war movie motif that focuses more on individual characters. Not everyone’s cup of tea I guess.

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      I’m also of the mind that it’s all of them. I’m just not a Nolan fan. He has GREAT visuals. His shots are definitely stunning and brave (where have I heard that phrase before?)

      I can’t even narrow it down to a single movie as I have to give it to The Dark Knight trilogy. It’s not good. The stories are not focused on Batman. The whole, “this is what Batman would be like in real life” arguments are complete bullshit. Yeah, many of those technologies exist in real life. You know who uses them? Nobody. Do you know why? Because they suck.

      We HAVE 2 real life billionaires in America who could actually do the things Bruce Wayne does with his money. Jeff Bezos would rather sit on his ass and Elon Musk is so busy flying to space and building a tunnel under LA to care. And let’s face it, Elon Musk is the closest we have to a real-life Bruce Wayne and he’s STILL not developing Batman gadgets. Why? Because it’s stupid. There’s a reason you don’t try to make a “real life” version of a comic and the Dark Knight trilogy explains it.

      Oddly, the best live-action comic that stayed true to the comics AND pulled off a believable live-action was The Flash until this past season.

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      Speaking of Dunkirk, I thought it was awesome and another Nolan masterpiece, especially on a technical level (with the editing and especially the sound design which was phenomenal).  Only Christopher Nolan can make a war movie so atmospheric, unsettling, suffocating and intense while still keeping a PG-13 rating without resorting to excessive violence (I mean it is “violent” in a way but not in the overblown sense I guess) and gore (which is the typical trait you’d see in any war movie pretty much).  It is actually the lack of gore in the movie and how you don’t even see the enemy at all in pretty much the entire movie which made Dunkirk so effective and unique, and only a director like Christopher Nolan can pull this off.

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      I think it’s incredible as an experience film, rather than a character driven work. I think it’s also wonderfully directed and the sound design is incredible. It isn’t my favorite by him at all though. He hasn’t missed yet for me.

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      Of the Nolan films I have seen, I think my least favorite is probably The Dark Knight Rises, but I still really like and enjoy that movie a lot. It’s just overlong and I think the pacing suffers a bit

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      The Dark Knight Rises… I still like it, but I definitely have some serious complaints!

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      Definitely Dunkirk. How anyone can put it up on a pedestal when 1917 exists is beyond me.

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      Seriously though, the movies that I know were from him, I rather enjoyed. Dunkirk was a great war movie. It wasn’t meant to be flashy and rapid-fire, spoonfed action. It actually took its time to build the story around the real life events. I like the fact that it wasn’t sensationalized in order to please the ADHD generation. No, the Batman movies weren’t perfect, but they were lightyears better than a lot of the trash that Hollyweird has put out. Batman and Robin? Birds of Prey? Terminator: Dark Fate? I’ll take a Nolan film any day.

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      It might turn out to be Tenet because they’re censoring it pretty hard I’ve heard. I haven’t seen it – hope I’m wrong.

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      The Dark Knight Rises is based. Dunkirk is overrated though.

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      Interstellar.  I just didn’t like it as much as other people did and the whole time concept at the end got a bit screwy.  I also didn’t like that twit Anne Hathaway.  She is such an awful person in real life.

      Still not a bad movie as a whole though.

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      I forgot about Inception. I know that many people really liked that one but personally I hated it. I didn’t find any character in it likeable and it felt long for the sake of being long. Interstellar and The Prestige are by far my favorite ones even though the Interstellar story could have been told in less time than it took. I’ve only watched it once because it’s just too long. I think the biggest critics of Interstellar don’t appreciate how little about reality we understand, and I love the way that movie tackles that.

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