Most Overrated Christopher Nolan Films

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    Definitely Dunkirk. How anyone can put it up on a pedestal when 1917 exists is beyond me.





    Seriously though, the movies that I know were from him, I rather enjoyed. Dunkirk was a great war movie. It wasn’t meant to be flashy and rapid-fire, spoonfed action. It actually took its time to build the story around the real life events. I like the fact that it wasn’t sensationalized in order to please the ADHD generation. No, the Batman movies weren’t perfect, but they were lightyears better than a lot of the trash that Hollyweird has put out. Batman and Robin? Birds of Prey? Terminator: Dark Fate? I’ll take a Nolan film any day.


    It might turn out to be Tenet because they’re censoring it pretty hard I’ve heard. I haven’t seen it – hope I’m wrong.


    The Dark Knight Rises is based. Dunkirk is overrated though.


      Interstellar.  I just didn’t like it as much as other people did and the whole time concept at the end got a bit screwy.  I also didn’t like that twit Anne Hathaway.  She is such an awful person in real life.

      Still not a bad movie as a whole though.


      I forgot about Inception. I know that many people really liked that one but personally I hated it. I didn’t find any character in it likeable and it felt long for the sake of being long. Interstellar and The Prestige are by far my favorite ones even though the Interstellar story could have been told in less time than it took. I’ve only watched it once because it’s just too long. I think the biggest critics of Interstellar don’t appreciate how little about reality we understand, and I love the way that movie tackles that.

    Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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