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    That is my prediction, one day every movie, Tv series, video game, and comic made before a certain decade will be heavily edited if not outright banned because too many characters in most stories assume the gender of other characters, just wait and you’ll see that any movie where someone is called he or her without the character asking about their gender identity in advance, will be classified as hate speech material.

    One game I predict will be of the first to be outlawed will probably be Resident Evil Code Veronica, for the felony of Claire calling Alfred a “cross dressing freak”, and the misdemeanor of Claire calling her brother Chris a “he” without asking in advance if they is her “she bro”, the original Code Veronica will probably be banned, replaced with a remake (in which she doesn’t call Alfred a name, and features a flash back of her as a kid asking Chris it’s pronouns in the 80s) and future versions of Claire would depict her with an “ask me about my feminist agenda” T shirt to make up for her original sin.

    Fallout 3 will probably be banned because when your character is born the Liam Nesson dad  James says “it’s a boy, we got a son Catherine” or “it’s a girl, we got a daughter Catherine” instead of doing it the correct way, saying that “Catherine, I can’t wait until our child is old enough to tell us if it is a boy or a girl”, followed by a scene of the Lone Wanderer telling the dad if it’s a boy or a girl during the 10th Birthday scene, which in the edited Fallout 3 would also double as a routine Vault 101 gender conformation celebration.

    Aliens would probably be banned or edited for Netflix because Hudson asked Vasquez if she’s been mistaken for a man, that will be considered hate speech because the good folks at  Netflix””N”Chill almost certainly would misinterpret Vasquez as a woman who identifies as a man and therefor see Hudson as a ultra reactionary white male antagonist trying to rob him of his identity, by refusing to call Jeanette a man, and instead asked her if she’s a woman mistaken for a man.


      I think it will come to a point where such things as you mention will just be banned. It will be a digital book burning.

      I feel another large tipping point is when the Bible is outright considered hate speech and also banned. That will happen within the next 4 years.


      I don’t know where you live, but I doubt the Bible is going to be outlawed in the US or the Commonwealth (like Australia where I’m from) that soon, I think we have already reached the point where Christianity is stigmatised, I don’t see any laws making the Bible illegal happening as soon as 4 years, but I can definitely see some “by-laws” that supress expression of religion, schools might for instance ban religious studies, prisons might close down chapels, stuff like that, but I can certainly imagine the Bible becoming hate speech at the end of the road, I think it would happen around the same time that our politicians openly come out as unambiguously Communist, I also think that the left will betray Islam and Orthodox Judaism will be getting the same treatment, both of those religions will be considered too traditionally masculine  and conservative for modern society, in fact, I think they would be on the same hit list as Christianity once the Antisemitism of WWII and the Neocon Counter-Jihad backlash post 9/11 become more distant memories.


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        All good points man. I agree, the ultra left if they are allowed to continue will turn on every group they used. The evidence for that is that they use those groups now and do NOTHING for them but talk the talk.

        As far as the Bible. It will at first be frowned upon. And we are there now. Then it will be banned from outlets and ultimately made illegal. The ban part will happen within the next 4 years. Like everything else that has been warned about it seems like that is far away but things will accelerate (if they continue) and what was deemed impossible will be happening.

        I think a catalyst for all this is that as we kowtow to China more and more and become more like them we will inherit some of their biases. Of course the only God in the CCP is the government. The left’s first commandment is the same as the Christian God’s first commandment. “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any gods before Me.”


        Was watching ‘A Shot In the Dark’ this morning (the best out of the original Pink Panther films IMO). Waiting for the Twatter, er I mean Twitter, mob to start screaming about the title to that and the Pink Panther films being racist lol. Especially since they seem to be so hell-bent on wanting to ban comedy- especially British comedy from the 60’s/70’s atm. After all, we can’t have a English guy playing a French detective now can we lol?

        But yeah, you’ve got a very good point. Seriously, this is all getting WAY out of hand!


        The Nazis and Soviets (and CCP) did a whole campaign of book burning and censoring of history.

        We are experiencing a modern day version of that.

        It is like 1984 and the Ministry of Misinformation.

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