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    Attempted to watch Nomadland…

    The Eternals is gonna suck 😭😭😭


    Of course it is :P

    I’m not saying Chloe Zhao doesn’t have talent… but her style is completely different… she knows shit about super heroes… her thing is dramas… real life dramas.

    Nomadland is a good drama, for people who like that style. Slow pace, real life stuff, quality acting… but nothing really is going on… just a personal drama.
    It’s like hiring Tarantino to direct a sequel of 50 Shades of Grey.


    It’s like hiring Tarantino to direct a sequel of 50 Shades of Grey.

    That actually sounds like it could work 😂😂


    would work for us, not for the weird fans of 50 shades of grey xD


    How is Army of the Dead?

    I dunno if i’m gonna waste time watching it, reading some very bad reviews… :/ I love zombie movies thou…


    Gonna re-watch Star Wars A New Hope tonight 😸 Happy birthday Star Wars 🎂


    Some people think that Galaxy Quest was a cult classic because it was a comedy parody that was done in a loving affectionate way towards Star Trek. Would like to consider that among all the super hero movies, an overlooked one that was just fun was Sky High.


    80 years
    Awesome animation


    80 years
    Awesome animation

    Dare i say the animation quality of this is better than most of todays western animation? 😁


    For sure. It looks amazing, fluid. Rotoscope animation on its prime.

    Even this one from disney looks amazing (1940):


    Interesting. ;)


    Watched Gunpowder Milkshake, action flick with lots of blood, being made today it has “all men bad” written all over it, but aside from a few cringe lines, plot wise it held it’s entertainment value, i think it does ’cause the plot would’ve still worked whatever the gender of the characters, whether all good guys were men and all bad guys were women, or mixed on both sides


    Watched Minari

    Started off a little slow, but once the plot gets going it’s a pretty good movie, simple yet emotional story, i wouldn’t say the actual movie was that great to get an oscar nomination, but Grandma’s actress won a well deserved oscar for her brilliant performance 👍 Also Grandma’s the only sane adult in the whole movie


    The story of a king battling against enemies, fate, family, death and even himself, in search of his kingdom.

    See, I am all into Dune, and this actually looks better.


    Finally got to watch Aquaman on my wide screen TV.

    I was disappointed the titles (of various places) were so low that half the letters were cut off (making the words unreadable).

    I like how they set us for sequels.



    Each time a.turd 💩 was on screen, all I could see was.. not a nice person/someone who took away from the scene.  Someone I could not wait was off-scene.

    She was as stiff as she claimed her green atlantian armour was on her.

    I found Mamoa’s timing and sense of humour awesome, and the explanation of how Aquaman has greater strength and ability to withstand things a regular person wouldn’t (stronger density to survive the great pressures of being deep under water, etc.) to be purely logical.


    Plot holes….

    According to historians, they believed Atlantis sank around 9,600 BC.  So the former King would not know of the first king of Rome, and the statues in Sicily would not have been made to hold the bottle of the king.  While it made for a good plot twist, it was a bit of a stretch.

    I could easily, for the sake of story, ignore the fact Atlantians are ALL speaking English  (or whatever language is dubbed where you are).  I could understand the “royals” and their “advisors” knowing English, but the soldiers?  Really?


    I really enjoyed this movie.

    It was fun, action packed, had me invested in many of the characters, and had me asking for more.


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