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      Glad you enjoyed Aquaman @Legatus_Legionis, it’s on of my fav DC movies 🐟

      Each time a.turd 💩 was on screen, all I could see was.. not a nice person/someone who took away from the scene.  Someone I could not wait was off-scene.

      She was as stiff as she claimed her green atlantian armour was on her.

      I could see that even before the whole scandal came out 😂😂 And yeah, her wooden acting was painfully obvious when surrounded by such a talented cast

      I was disappointed the titles (of various places) were so low that half the letters were cut off (making the words unreadable).

      Did you download it or buy DVD or BluRay? When i watched it the letters weren’t cut off


      Watched the Hobbit trilogy (extended editions) over the last few weekends, haven’t seen them since their theatrical release.

      People gave these movies flak for being too long, but I loved every minute of them. It’s true they didn’t need to make three movies, but it’s clear Peter Jackson is a huge Tolkien nerd and I’m glad he took the opportunity to explore Tolkien’s mythical world rather than just adapt the book page for page. It’s obviously not quite as good as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but the cinematography, screenplay, soundtrack, acting and overall production values are still top-notch. WingNut Films have a clear passion for film-making and invested a lot of time and energy into delivering a quality experience. I think these films have aged rather well.

      Easily my favorite scene in the whole story (both in the movie and the novel). So much characterization in just a few minutes.


      Did you download it or buy DVD or BluRay? When i watched it the letters weren’t cut off

      DVD, and watched on my 52 inch wide screen TV.

      It was also the two-disk set.



      Have seen nothing from the GandG crew of youtubers about Free Guy. It’s one movie that looks interesting because Free Guy is a gaming movie. I did not see Ready Player One and theaters and the only reason I regret it is because my buddy and I walked right past the theater and it would have been a good experience. Free Guy looks entertaining but I have to avoid Takita Watiti cuz I just don’t like him, but I am surprised at the lack of coverage of Free Guy on this site because I thought you covered these topics.


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        Uncharted looks cool



          😁 team up Deadpool, Black Adam, and Wonder Woman


          Sadly, Deadpool is the property of marvel (disney), while Black Adam & Wonder Woman belong to DC.

          So cross-over between the two companies won’t be happening any time soon.

          Yes, they did crossovers in comics before, but never with their IP in movies/TV.


          wasted 1h30 watching Halloween Kills . ffs it’s so bad. The previous one was decent, so I was expecting a good time… but fuk… what an awful movie… one of the worst movies i ever came across…

          Fortunately, I had the opportunity to also watch Dune. Good movie… Hope they do Part 2 asap.


            How to watch a horror movie:

            • Leave a door slightly open of a room with a window open so the wind will open and shut the door making creepy sounds
            • Have family members snoring, it’ll sound like growling when muffled by headphones
            • *Bonus – Have the same fucking doorbell as the movie characters so when you hear it you’ll think a serial killer is ringing your doorrbell at 3 in the morning!

            That’s how i watched Fear Street 1994 🎃


            A rumor was leaked by Doomcock that Indiana Jones and Phoebe Waller-Bridge would travel back in time to fight Nazis. They would meet Young Indy, who would then get freaking killed. Old Indy would vanish in a puff of Butterfly Effect. Deleting him from history completely. Phoebe would then pick up his hat and have all of Indiana Jone’s adventure in his place. And then going on to have further adventures on Disney Plus.

            It sounded too stupid to be true. I had blown it off too, having forgotten the second rule of SJWs. They always double-down.

            Then, a few weeks ago some British tabloids ran a story confirming most of Doomcock’s rumors.


              Watched Free Guy, really fun and cute movie :3 Love the final battle 😂😂


                Random time.

                I disliked Aquaman. Thor 3. Captain Marvel. Black Panther. Iron Man 3. Not a fan of any of them. I didn’t even bother watching Shang-Chi. All the pandering around it just put me off. Bruce Lee was around a long time ago, so was Crouching Tiger. Asian leads aren’t new.

                GI Joe Snake Eyes was actually an ok movie. Just not a good GI Joe movie, at all.

                I thought Dune was decent. The movie did not impact me like other people are seeming to get. It’s just that I have read the books, own the many versions of Lynch’s Dune, and watched the TV series. So, the story is a little….tired…for me I guess.

                I like John Carter.

                I liked Kate (Netflix). It had one of my favorite Japanese bands in it. Band-Maid. It got bad reviews, and it seems Japanese people didn’t like it. But I enjoyed it.

                Halloween Kills was an absolute pile of crap. Wow. It was just really bad. I have always liked the F 13th, Freddy, and Halloween movies. But this one was utterly pointless in context to the story from the last one, and had some of the most pathetic “kills” in it I have ever seen. People literally just standing/setting there doing NOTHING as he killed people, and then soon after killed them. Who wrote this garbage?

                I think the Marvel and DC animated movies are better than the live action movies.

                I think Harley Quinn was not portrayed in live action correctly, both aesthetically and character wise, until The Suicide Squad (the new one).

                Rebooting Flight of the Navigator with  SJW pandering female lead is BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!

                Rebooting National Treasure with more SJW pandering female lead is more blasphemy!

                Mara Jade was erased from existence by Disney. But, she was one of the best “strong female” characters ever to be conceived. Go figure.



                  Watched Fear Street 1978, holy shit it had one of the scariest jump scares of all horror movies (at least for me), ’cause for a moment I thought I saw my mom on screen! I kid you not, one of the actresses looked exactly like my mom 😂😂 Maybe I have a long lost sister

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