Movies You Have Watched the Most!

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    Into the Spiderverse is one of the coolest modern movies I have seen in a long time! Especially being an animated movie. It’s definitely worth the rewatch x1000!


    The Schwarzenegger “Conan” movies were some of the best movies of all time! I still love watching them, too!


    The First Arnold’s Conan was an awesome movie.  And I still listen to its films score!

    Conan The Destroyer, they made a mistake of trying to make it rated “Mature” instead of “R”, and used half of the films budget on the Dagoth.



    The movies I’ve probably seen the most are the original 6 Star Wars films, classic Pixar movies (Incredibles, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, etc.), The Lord of the Rings / Hobbit Trilogies, and a bunch of the MCU films.


    Goodfellas, I watch it every year lol

    And I keep watching Once upon a time in hollywood all the time…  something about watching Pitt and Leo kicking hippies asses… it’s so satisfying and relaxing :)



    Interesting, I’ve never been a fan of Bond except for every second Craig one apparently. Casino Royale is one of my favorite movies, Quantum of Solace wasn’t a Bond movie it was a war movie lmao just a bloodbath and way too much messy action, Skyfall was fucking great and I can’t remember anything or even the name of the one that came after Skyfall so I guess that shows my opinion about it.

    My alltime favorite movie is Infinity War (however, it does reequire knowledge about past movies which makes the payoff even better). As someone who owns hundreds and hundreds of Marvel comics and who spent his childhood reading (especially Spiderman and Xmen), seeing all those heroes in Infinity War is just something I can watch over and over. Also, the way they team up and meet each other makes sense unlike in Endgame where it was basically Dr Strange magic and everyone appears, which really doesn’t bother me tho, it was still cool as fuck so who cares. Anyway IW created interesting interactions like Thor with GotG and Dr Strange-Spidey-Tony


      Bond movie after Skyfall is Spectre, i watched it once on a plane 😁✈


      Star Trek Search For Spock

      Star Trek The Wrath Of Khan

      Star Trek The Motion Picture

      Star Trek The Voyage Home

      Star Wars Return Of The Jedi

      Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade



      I have killed 2 VHS copies and 1 DVD copy of the movie Dazed and Confused. I know that movie by heart, line for line. It reminds me of my high school days in the 90’s. And the parties we use to have.

      Other movies I’ve watched multiple times:

      Typical list of fan fave SciFi movies. Goonies, One Crazy Summer, Office Space, Ghostbusters, Nightmare on Elm Street 1-3, the entire franchises for Hellraiser, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Friday the 13th. Spiderbaby.


      @Corvus6 Alright alright alright ;)


        First time poster here so hi secondly do they have to fall into the sci fi/geek section?

        In any case for me Scott Pilgrim vs the world Rouge One and infinity war

        I love love love Scott Pilgrim vs the world could watch it into my final days of living humour point action on point everything about it on point

        I’m sad it didn’t do as well when it first hit but made a raw on DVD sales etc


          The ones I can remember watching multiple times are Go, Little Rascals and Problem Child 2. I’ve seen others multiple times, I just can’t remember them.


          The Disney classics.

          Probably watched The Lion King the most, though in retrospect the best was Beauty and the Beast


          The Shawshank Redemption


          Pump Up the Volume

          Mulan (1998)

          Star Trek: Insurrection


          Star Wars 4-6 (I do like the prequels, but don’t watch them as much)

          Harry Potter series

          Lord of the Rings series


          Star Trek: 2 The Wrath Of Khan

          Star Trek: The Motion picture 1979

          Star Trek: 3 The Search For Spock

          Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home

          Star Trek 5 The Final Frontier

          Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country

          Star Wars 6 The Return Of The Jedi

          Indiana Jones And The Crusade

          Ghostbusters 1984

          Ghostbuster 2

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