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      I watched the trailer, and that is MORE than enough of this character for me.

      Is this a musical?  A comedy?  A rom-com?


      I have no idea WTF this film is about, and after this trailer, I don’t care to find out.

      Any idea when the next Howard the Duck comes out?  I have more interest in that that MS.. who cares.


      Saw this on Ryan’s channel on one of his vids…and I wish I never bothered! Looks super cringe especially with the comic book style artwork that pops up on it. I’ve seen it done better in other films. Mainly the first Deadpool film. I hope on the third film he makes a very rude joke about this and the Captain Marvel film. Would love to see Twitter’s reaction!


      Looks super cringe especially with the comic book style artwork that pops up on it.

      I would rather rewatch the Adam West Batman “KAPOWS” et al, as they were as much apart of the film/TV show as was the campy stories.


      And I can’t wait for the next Deadpool.  A fun film, unlike the rest of the crap hollywood is making mostly now.



      I was surprised at the director choice myself. I just hope Disney keeps its word and keeps Deadpool R (15) rated and not fool us all by a last minute change to a PG-13 (12a) !

      And yeah, I forgot about that with the Adam West Batman tv series too lol!


        I actually don’t care for Deadpool.  I have seen both movies and there are times I laughed but to me much of the humor and the “adult” dialog seems forced and not organic to me.

        But overall, I am not sure why anyone is surprised when these folks release propaganda and hot garbage.  That’s all they do now.



        What I wanted:



        What they give us:




        It looks like something made to be watched in 1 minute tik-tok installments.     I have less than zero interest in this shite, but I will say at least she seems to have a shred of charisma and the ability to smile, unlike that dour faced plank of wood Brea Larson.


          Might not be the greatest show in the universe, but at least they got a real fan working on it who’ll be passionate about the role :3

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            I’ve watched two of the episodes so far. I am only watching to show to keep up on the Marvel storylines, that’s all.

            It is CRINGE. I am curious why a show aimed at “younger” audience has to be so cring? Shows weren’t cringe like this when I was a kid. They could still be enjoyed by adults while being aimed at younger people. This is just bad. The acting is really bad. The Mother of the main girl character is utterly annoying and ridiculous. In fact, her entire family is ridiculous. As are all the characters in the show frankly. It’s all comedy and feels fake.

            Disney’s Marvel keeps hiring shitty writers and producing shitty shows since Endgame. Sony knows how to make a good movie.



              Is it just plain cringe from bad writing?  Or is it that way because it’s infected with “THE MESSAGE”?


              Disney just doesn’t know when to stop. Like, they never know when to stop… even when they really should!


                More importantly… @Vknid when did you become a moderator??


                  SAME TIME I DID… Also check your e-mail

                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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