MSNBC contributor ‘disturbed’ to see ‘dozens of American flags’

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    MSNBC contributor ‘disturbed’ to see ‘dozens of American flags’ on Long Island

    Just the headline alone is sickening.

    An MSNBC contributor and New York Times editorial board member said she was “disturbed” to see supporters of former President Donald Trump flying “dozens of American flags” during a recent trip to Long Island.

    Being “disturbed” at seeing your national flag, you are truly disturbed and needs immediate mental health help.

    If everyone is patriotic to their nation, regardless of political party, this is not an issue.

    If you think only those of your party (dems) are allow to fly and be proud of their nation… that is racist and very non-partisan.

    The rest of the article continues the same leftist BS attacking those who don’t believe the exact same as they do, and that you do not have the same rights to free speech and expression and opinions if it is not the same as theirs.


    They hate nations and borders because they want the world to be 1 giant centralized communist state. Which would NEVER work but communism never has unless you are the one on the throne. Although even then, they eventually break out the guillotine.


    The communist media is the enemy of truth.


    If you do not like it GET THE FUCK OUT! Millions died for you fucking freedoms under that flag, If it is so disturbing then why are so many coming to it and what it stand for?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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