Munster’s Remake

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    Well, it looks like the sets (or at least the house), is being built.

    I still am on the fence as to what I think of this Rob Zombie written/directed film.

    IMDB says it is still in pre-production.

    No casting has been listed yet either.

    Your thoughts?


      No, don’t like it. You cannot F with the Munsters. You just can’t.




        So many remakes of everything at this point.  If you are a creative dude like Zombie, why not come up with something new?  Which he has done in the past.  I don’t understand this.


        The idea MR.H stated was that Rob Zombie wanted a B&W/true to the original movie, but was told by the studio to colorize the movie, which made Rob decide to deliberately ruin it (with the dialogue and awful coloring, etc) might be true.


        BTW:  One think I just noticed, is the “jacket” Herman is wearing, is that a werewolf skin (we see claws)?  Is that were Eddie comes from or was that Eddie?


          I’ve watched about 30 min of it. And as a huge fan of Munster’s, this movie is….odd. This is NOT even close to the show, and is done in a strange way. This just does not feel like Munster’s. Rob Zombies wife, who is the actress in the movie, is NOT Lily Munster man. I am frankly sick of her being in every single movie he makes. She is NOT that great.

          In all honestly, Rob Zombie has become a lackluster, boring, hack. His music is uninspired and utterly boring now, gone are the days of greatness like Dragula and Thunder Kiss 65. His last few albums are an utter snorefest and I frankly could write a better album. NOT joking, I am a musician myself. His creativity died when he got fame and riches. Like happens to so many in Hollywood, it happened to him.


            I think it is a natural progression.  Many bands write songs about their struggle or struggles in life. They are motivated to tell their story. But once they get rich and happy that motivation is gone and they are just going through the motions.  Very few bands keep their motivation through the fame and money overall I believe.

            Also as a huge Munsters fan, out of respect, I refuse to watch this junk.



            I think Zombie essentially made a B&W film and gave Universal the unconverted to greyscale movie to fulfill his contract. I watched the movie with the color turned all the way down and it looks really good that way.   However the film still sucks rotten eggs.  The worst aspect is definitely the writing and acting. It just feels so amateur and random.    I know this probably had a low budget like most of Universal’s DTV movies, but the real fault here isn’t the lack of production values, it’s a total lack of wit.




            I saw the movie….

            And yeah it was dumb and witless, but wasn’t that what the original was too? Lilly was…meh, average and had DeCarlos mannerisms. I thought she did an OK job.   Herman was a bit…off-putting because of his voice. It just didn’t fit the character. But the actor did a fine job and give him kudos for the effort.  Grandpa nailed it. It was almost like he was channeling AL Lewis. Enjoyed his role alot.

            The movie was very campy, and there were a few dad jokes in it…humor that is kinda my style.

            Yes I was entertained by this movie. Was it good….eh, maybe not. But it wasn’t bad in my opinion either. It was just…different.

          Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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