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    It’s finally up and running!

    I’ve been talking about it for months, and today my channel, The Renaissance Nerd is here. It’s nothing revolutionary, the same as probably any other Fandom Menace channel out there. You’ll get my takes, my rants, and my general opinions on all the good stuff you see me talking about…except politics. I won’t be doing politics on my channel. My Welcome video will have all the details.

    Now only the YouTube version is up right now. Before the night is over I will have a Rumble mirror, Bitchute, and Odyssey for those who don’t wanna use YT, and as back ups.

    Hope to see you all there, and I hope to entertain you and earn your support going forward.


    Very well done sir, looking forward to seeing more videos from your channel!


    Pop culture + cooking videos = ROASTING POP CULTURE? ! ?


    K Rumble: TheRenaissanceNerd

    I set up Bitchute and linked it to my YT account, but like many others, not seeing how to initiate the mirror downloads. I guess I’ll figure it out later.


    I love it…

    Youtube already took down my thumbnail using a scene of Miranda’s ass.

    Fucking Youtube.

    Well, they get a changed version covered in cancel signs.


    I wonder if they would’ve flagged it if it was a dude’s ass


    great job man, wish you good luck in this youtube adventure ;)


    K, I think I figured out Odyssey: TheRenaissanceNerd

    Rumble’s not working right for me yet…I’ll try again tomorrow.


    People are allowed to promote themselves on here?  Has this always been true?

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    okay….for those who do not want to deal with YouTube, I finally got on the right Odysee!

    There is another platform out there called Odyssey out there and it’s garbage.

    So, once my syncing is complete, you can follow me on Odysee at TheRenaissanceNerd.


    Hey are you on Odysee? I don’t really trust Youtube, but if you have an Odysee channel I could sub to you there.


    Odysee only happens for me when I hit 300 subs on YT, which allows me to mirror my channel and content. I’ve already got about a couple of hundred videos made these past few months, and I’m not about to individually upload them all to Odysee. I’m just about halfway there, and I’ll be happy to diversify, but as I said, it will have to wait til I hit the marks. I’ve got no bigger channel shouting me out or shepherding me to monetization by funneling people to my channel. I’m walking and earning every inch by just grinding out videos every day. I’ll get to Odysee, but I need to find some success on YT first.

    That means entertaining and earning people’s trust through my videos.

    So help there is the best thing anyone can do for me right now.

    All the other platforms sucked at mirroring cleanly, so I gave up on them. But Odysee does it well, it just requires 300 subs and an active amount of content.

    I’ve been using YT for years, and my world is fine and functioning. Get a VPN and use NoScript. That’s what most people do to keep out unwanted stuff. Even without a VPN, YT isn’t going to hijack your rig. In this day and age, it’s a necessary evil to get shit done. If you are smart and learn the rules of the game, they can’t bother you. Some don’t use YT as a protest against Google and Big Tech, but I don’t have the luxury to be that principled. I have goals and dreams that need to be met, and YT is part of that equation for good or ill. If I’m ever going to get my books out there and fight to create a literary space free of Legacy Publishing Gate Keeping, a successful YT presence is necessary.

    As I said, the best help anyone can do if they find my content entertaining is a sub on YT which will only strengthen my base and get me closer to Odysee and beyond.


    Go ahead and do Odysee. You will just have to upload the video there as well, but it only takes seconds and when you hit the magic number for mirroring well DONE then its seemless.

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