My Channel’s Future can only Succeed with You guys

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    I need a Favor, It’s So Simple In this video, I lay it all on the line & I ask a huge favor that can’t be any simpler that just watching.
    My life changed 2 years ago & now it is changing back & I have never been so uncertain of my future going forward. I need you guys to help me succeed. This Youtube channel is ME, this is my brand. My home away from home. This is the place that has kept me going through the hardest part of my life & I need to make this happen but I cannot do this without the most important part, YOU. If I don’t have an audience, a community, all this is just a video on the internet. Watching, Liking Subscribing & a simple comment are all I need from anybody that wants to support me & believes in me. You don’t have to do all of them on every video of course lol.

    Youtube is finally pushing my content out & I need to make this happen. Watch till the end, subscribe if you actually want to support me & enjoy what I do. Without you this won’t happen. It’s been my dream since I launched the channel in 2012 & started uploading finally 5 years ago. Take care of your mental health & follow your dreams as far as you can go.

    (FYI, I wrote out a whole article specifically for G&G that I spent 30 mins making…I was or got logged out in the process…I also didn’t copy the article. So this is my description from the video. I cannot remember how I wrote  it but it was also a bit all over the place since I hardly slept. Maybe it was for the best & it happened for a reason)
    Thanks For reading & watching.
    God Bless.


    Should I take this video  down? I am very self conscious about this. I wanted to make this video to be honest with everybody.
    Was this video a bad idea?


      I find that usually a person’s first instinctual reaction is the correct one (or at least the most honest one).  Everything else after tends to be second guessing most of the time.


      I’m going to private it. I’ll make another video, more of a sales pitch for the channel & not emotional.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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