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    I got inspired by Roas. And I didn’t see anywhere else to put this. This is a book of sorts. This is my reading serial. The first five story arcs of the Willowsbrook Chronicles are free. The rest require membership. Please feel free to check out starting from story arc 1. Sorry but this si the only place I could think of to put it.

    Bad night in Ansolar



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    I really enjoyed Chapter One.

    You sure made us very much invested/interested in Gunther and Naomi.

    Poor Charleskan Ale.


    I’m doing my best. Glad you’re liking it. :)


    Chapter Two was just as action packed as chapter one.

    Question:  how did Gunther know if was high grade Velstand Oak?

    There is more to this character that even HE wants others to know.

    What other “secrets” does this man hold?


    To answer your question everyone in Velstand knows of high grade Velstand Oak. The people know their land.

    As for the otehr secrets you’ll just have to read and see.


    Chapter Three, and the conspiracy/intrigue only grows.

    At that moment, it seemed that things could not become any worse.

    Is that a prophecy of Gunther?  LOL



    Poor Gunther he can’t catch a break. LOL


    Barga meat!

    It is so bad even the flies refuses anything to do with it.

    < BWAH HA Ha ha >  🤣


    Grade A Yatuskian Rum

    Where can I get a bottle of that stuff!  🥴


    I am sure Gunther and Quigsley wished they had a decanter (or a dozen) and fill it up with the rum before it was poured into the Grog.


     “Well, he handled that better than I expected,”

    I loved to have found out what exactly he was expecting would happen.



    “Ah yes, the details,”

    How often is it that the details gets us in the end!


    Chapter 9 we find out some of the details.




    Curious, how many chapters are there in The Willowsbrook Chronicles?

    or is it ongoing?


    As I said the first five story arcs are free. You don’t have to read them all in one day.

    These are the story arcs that follow Bad Night in ANsolar:

    The cursed Lands: (5 chapters)
    Here comes the neighborhood: (7 chapters)
    Burying the past: (6 chapters)
    And last but not least Culinary Combat: (3 chapters)

    It is ongoing as I can get the chapters though my beta readers. Take it at your own pace.

    All further story arcs require Local Patron membership on Minds or Subscribestar.

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