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    Warning: This is about the manga, which is well ahead of the anime. If you’re only following the anime, there will be spoilers, and I’ll dare to say pretty important spoilers, too.

    About a dozen chapters ago, MHA took a very serious tonal swing. It’s not just that the story itself has become heavier and darker, because the whole My Villains Academia and Villains War arcs were pretty dark in themselves. It’s that our favorite bright-eyed idealistic hero-in-training has not only stepped up to becoming a real hero, but the responsibilities he’s taken on himself are also drastically changing him.

    I’ve liked the change. On the one hand, even with the much rougher exterior, Deku is still very much Deku, and that been shown in a lot of small ways. On the other hand, more than just his appearance is changing. He’s maturing in his view of things, but maybe also making mistakes based on his new outlook.

    Oh, and it looks like Stain is back.

    So, I’m anticipating what’s to come in the story.  With Deku being away from the class during this time when he’s changed so much, it could be fascinating to see what happens when he finally meets his former classmates again. And I think that when the villains do strike again, some part of that strike will be against the class. Just a guess on my part, but that would raise the stakes while also hitting at Deku through his friends.


    And thanks to the ending of Chapter 318 the reunion between Deku and his classmates is about to unfold!  A shame Stain’s return in 317 was just a tease but I can’t wait for his talk with All Might.  I think Deku will try to leave Bakugo but get stopped not only by him but the rest of Class 2-A (remember they’re second years now) and a fight will break out.  However due to extreme fatigue, Deku will lose and be forced to rest and talk with his friends.  The ultimate lesson of what I call the “Deku Alone” arc will be not even the greatest hero can go it alone.  Class 2-A understands the risk of fighting against All for One and accept it because that’s what real heroes do.  Deku in the end accepts their help but chooses to continue moving around to insure All for One can’t track him in a fixed location.


    I just caught up and gotta say I don’t like it that much. I don’t like the fact that Deku gets new quirks and has like 8 differemt quirks now, and how he suddeny became an emo lone wolf and so overpowered I guess.. idk, in general I don’t like the direction it’s going towards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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