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    What is happening Geeks & Gamers!  Since my last topic on the new Miles Morales game I decided to become a Premium Member donating double the minimum required amount.  Yeah that’s right, I’d rather give Jeremy $20.00 than $14.99 to HBO Max.  Though I’ve never been an HBO guy, let’s just say my respect for them has…gone with the wind?  But today I am here to discuss one of the biggest series coming out of Japan right now, My Hero Academia and an overview of its canon prequel Vigilantes.  Now I will start this discussion with a story as to why I started reading the manga.  After that, I will be discussing MAJOR spoilers from My Hero Academia up to its current arc.  If you are not caught up, I suggest finding a way to read the manga and then come back here.  Following that will be some good old fashioned theory crafting on where My Hero Academia is heading (I got tons of ideas).  Let’s get started shall we?

    Back in fall 2019 I was following along with season 4 after watching the first three seasons and Two Heroes months prior.  The first six episodes of the season built up a lot of tension leading to the planning of the Shie Hassaikai raid with the attempted rescue of a precious cinnamon roll named Eri.  At the time I was genuinely scared that this poor little girl was going to die given the nature of her importance.  So one day I said “Screw it I’m cheating” and signed up with Viz Media to start reading the manga online.  I kept reading until I was caught up at the time and moved on to Vigilantes.

    For those who may not be aware, My Hero Academia Vigilantes is a prequel manga set five years before the events of My Hero Academia.  It takes place in Naruhata, a city district in Tokyo, Japan and focuses on the exploits of Koichi Haimawari (The Crawler), Kazuho Haneyama (Pop*Step) and Iwao Oguro (Knuckleduster).  The story initially starts off decent enough, nothing mind-blowing but the storylines get better as the manga goes on and it’s current arc is so far it’s best one (and sadly it’s final one).  The manga is full of cameo appearances from many familiar faces like Eraserhead, Midnight, Present Mic, Fat Gum and Best Jeanist to name a few.  And if you ever wanted to see more of Tenya Iida’s older brother Tensei as Ingenium you’re in luck because he’s in a few arcs.  Vigilantes also deepens the lore of the universe by explaining how the Licensing system came into place and introducing us to the number one American hero Captain Celebrity.  I won’t give a play by play of the series here as I recommend reading it in full.  That said, it’s time to get into those MAJOR MHA spoilers about the current arc and where I believe they’ll go from here.

    As of now My Hero Academia is in the midst of what the fandom has dubbed the “War Arc”.  On one side we have the Hero Society led by the number one hero Endeavor leading raids to take down the villains once and for all.  On the other side is the Paranormal Liberation Army (PLA) led by Tomura Shigaraki and his generals (the League of Villains members and remaining leaders of the former Meta Liberation Front) in their mission to destroy everything and rebuild a society where everyone can use their quirks.  At first the heroes are coming out on top successfully raiding Jaku Hospital where Shigaraki is undergoing a crucial procedure and Gunga Villa in the mountains eighty kilometers away where the PLA were holding an annual conference.  But then Shigaraki woke up and unleashed holy hell with his awakened Decay.

    Despite his procedure only being 75% complete, Shigaraki awakens with the original All for One quirk and all the quirks stored within it.  He also now has an insatiable desire to possess One for All, whether he likes it or not.  Which is where we are right now, Shigaraki using Ragdoll’s Search quirk to track Midoriya all while fighting and avoiding heroes like Endeavor, Ryukyu and Eraserhead.  Will Shigaraki succeed?  How many other characters will die?  We’ll have to wait a little longer than normal but our answers will come.

    Time for the fun part where I share my thoughts on where we’ll go from here.

    I believe the villains are going to win the War Arc but not in the way we think.  Given that Shigaraki’s procedure was interrupted, his body is going to give out part way through an intense battle that includes Midoriya unlocking Float.  Thankfully Gigantomachia will arrive with reinforcements, scoop up his master and retreat.  Dr. Garaki will also be rescues by the villains.  Yes the villains are on the run but overall the heroes DID. NOT. WIN.  The heroes suffered many casualties, a city is destroyed, and Shigaraki has become the literal devil.  Some time will pass as Hero Society mourns it loses and Class 1-A prepares for their second year.  It is then a recovered Shigaraki and his army strike back.

    “The Retaliation Arc” as I’ll dub it begins what we’ve been all been waiting for, an attack on Tartarus Prison.  With Twice gone and many of their troops injured or captured, the PLA break out all the villains from Tartarus and attack all Hero Agencies, police stations, and hero academies.  The majority of the Pros will sacrifice themselves to help all the hero course students escape the country and train to come back one day.  And the most gut wrenching scene will be Shigaraki publicly executing All Might on television fulfilling Nighteye’s prophecy.  Some people think Midoriya and his colleagues will go to America but I believe they’ll end up on I-Island as a way to tie back into Two Heroes.  Meanwhile some heroes like Eraserhead survive the fall of Hero Society and begin organizing a resistance with Detective Tsukauchi.  They know the hero students will come back stronger and help establish a new Hero Society.  Until then they’ll have to reembrace an old practice of heroism, vigilantism.

    Tsukauchi reveals to Eraserhead that he’s been secretly recruiting a team of illeagal heroes to fight back against the new society Re-Destro is building on Shigaraki’s behave.  Assuming they’re all still alive, all three main characters from Vigilantes will be part of this team alongside Gentle Criminal and La Brava.  This collection makes sense because Eraserhead has history with the Naruhata Vigilantes, Gentle did have some hero training and La Brava is their counter to Skeptic.  Other potential members include a semi-redeemable Stain and a reawakened Shirakumo via Kurogiri.  As this new Vigilante team holds the line against the PLA the next generation of heroes train and prepare for the day they return to save everyone.

    Well that’s all I have at the moment.  Was going to talk more about Vigilantes but decided on an overview because not everyone is probably going to care, which is a shame.  If there’s anything you disagree with, want to expand more on, or want to share your own thoughts, leave a reply.  Can’t wait to hear your ideas and everyone have a Plus Ultra day!

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    The current story arc has been very good. For a while, Shigaraki and his league were one of the weaknesses of the story, it was difficult to take them very seriously, but that’s changed a lot and they now seem well able to hold their own against the heroes.


    I agree, but the only member of the League who hasn’t gotten any serious backstory has been Mr. Compress.  All we know about the guy is that he was some kind of entertainer.  And given how everything is shaping up and teasing Dabi a little more, it’ll be a while.

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