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    The United States Postal Service says it will be received February 27, 2021


    Walt Disney Studios
    500 S Buena Vista St, Burbank, CA 91521

    I really enjoyed George Lucas Star Wars movies. Disney Star Wars movies are political propaganda trash on par with the racist garbage Adolf Hitler’s genocidal government produced in the 1940’s through Joseph Goebbels.

    The American people want a good original story. We want to be entertained. We don’t like fools trying to tell us what to think, how to feel, that America is evil when it’s not, or who to vote for. If America is so evil and racist why does it have an illegal immigration problem? Nazi Germany and Communist Russia never had an illegal immigration problem. People want to come to America because it is the greatest country to ever exist on this planet.

    It was very clear the Farce Awakens was your pathetic attempt at trying to steal the ideas of George Lucas and do a complete reboot while plagiarizing “A New Hope.” Jar Jar Abrams first Disney Star Wars movie was the definition of lame. Do you honestly think after the Rebel Alliance defeats the Galactic Empire they go on to do nothing? And then somehow the Star Wars universe ends up back with the good guys being the under dog fighting for freedom again? It’s obvious Kathleen Kennedy has no vision whatsoever. What your proposing for the Star Wars Universe would be the same thing as after the United States of America winning World War Two all of a sudden is taken over by a small group of Hitler youth. The fascist governments of the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany were destroyed but suddenly America is overrun by the last of Adolf Hitler’s followers. And then England and France after having fought so courageously for their freedom decide to surrender. That’s how preposterous and dumb your story line is for Episode 7, the Farce Awakens. The Rebellion would have gone on to be a super power in the Star Wars galaxy just like the USA did here on Earth. It’s crystal clear you have no idea how to write anything original. You bought the best franchise in human history just so you could take a 4 billion dollar dumb on it.

    We won’t go into the details of the ignoramus that is Ruinous Johnson. Do the board of directors at Disney understand what cannon is and why it’s so very important to hold to it when telling a story? Disney and Kathleen Kennedy have no idea what the force is or how it’s used in the Star Wars Universe.

    Let’s talk about Han Solo. Han’s family name of “Solo” is in fact a Corellian name. Corellia is a planet in the Star Wars Universe. The Corellian shipyards designed the Corellian Corvette class ship Princess Leia was on when Darth Vader’s Storm Troopers blew the door and started shooting everyone in the first scene of “A New Hope.” Han’s family was at least somewhat wealthy and had relatives that were wealthy but as a child he lost his parents and was unaware of his heritage or even his family name. He was raised on a pirate ship that kidnapped children and brought them up as thieves. During his captivity a female Wookie, Dewlannamapia, took Han under her wing becoming a mother to him. She did some research and told Han about his family name, Solo. This is where Han learned to speak the language of the Wookie’s. Later this female Wookie gave her life to help Han escape. Han did join the Imperial academy but was later kicked out after coming to the aid of a Wookie, Chewbacca, who resisted being taken prisoner by the Empire. Chewbacca swore a life debt to Han Solo for freeing him from a life of slavery to the Empire. Google this info. That cannon background of Han Solo is way more interesting than your garbage that resulted in #SoloLostMoney.

    It’s like none of the board of directors at Disney have ever read one page of a real Star Wars book. You do know insulting paying customers and telling them they are racist Nazis because they only want a story that sticks to cannon won’t bring in the money right? No, you don’t. None of the board of directors at Disney have figured that out. Moving on to the Mandalorian.

    You supported Pedro Pascal in his comments about Americans being Nazis. You fired Gina Carano because she spoke up against the hateful environment you are cultivating to attack human beings who are conservative.

    This is from the United States Constitution:
    “Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”(

    But Disney and Fascist Kennedy are members of the master race. You’re so much better than everyone else you don’t have to play by the same rules because they don’t apply to Disney.

    I want you to know even though I didn’t have a Disney+ account I did have a Hulu account, for a long time. I’m aware you had acquired Hulu. I canceled my Hulu account after you fired Gina Carano. Your companies, Disney/Lucasfilm, have also publicly defamed (lied about her character) and attacked Gina Carano. Why? Do you like bringing more attention to how messed up Disney is and the hostile work environment it cultivates? Apparently. Because of the interview Ben Shapiro did with Gina Carano we know Disney’s culture is on par with a satanic cult. You wanted her to be on a zoom meeting where around 40 people would shame her for being an independent woman with a voice. Why does Disney and Lucasfilm, under the direction of Kathleen Kennedy, hate strong independent women who speak their mind? Why do you hate America? Why are you catering to China? If you hate your paying customers in America that much and love China that much why not move your studio to China? Is it because you wouldn’t have any human rights there and the Chinese communist government, which acts like Adolf Hitler’s Nazis and commits genocide, would take your fortunes from you and harvest your organs?

    To be a prisoner in China all a human being has to do is post something online the Chinese communist government disagrees with. To get banned from social media in America all anyone has to do is the same. Here in America the United States Constitution protects human rights like freedom of speech. Lately though, the past several years, companies like Disney, Twitter, Facebook, Google/YouTube, and others, have waged war on freedom of speech and engaged in censoring like China.

    Us Americans see that big companies are catering to communist China so you can have access to their population to sell them your products. You want that because they have billions of people who can spend their money on your products. But do the prisoners of communism have money to spend on your products?

    The reason socialism/communism doesn’t work is it needs to constantly exploit resources to be effective. The reason the Soviet Union was aggressive militarily was communism needs to have new countries to exploit all the time. The reason the Soviet Union collapsed was it became economically unfeasible. The entire idea of communism is the government takes possession of all the wealth and property of every citizen and owns it. The government then divides the spoils among the population. The result is everyone is poor, except for the political elite who manage the government. After Communist Russia stopped expanding it was only a matter of time before it collapsed. The Soviet Union had to take the wall down and cease to exist because months before the Berlin wall came down they had already stopped paying their military. They had no funds to pay their military or to fund their healthcare for everyone because they had already taken the wealth and property from everyone in the countries they had occupied. There was nothing more to take. Think about it, if everyone in the USA is on welfare who’s paying for it? A communist regime puts everyone on welfare, everyone is poor.

    “The average household income of the top 10 percent of urban Chinese households (about 4.5 percent of all households) is just $2,641 per person (about $7,000 per household), still quite low by U.S. standards…”( That report is from 2003.

    As of this moment in typing this report for the board of directors at Disney the US dollar is more than 6.4 times the value of the Chinese Yuan Renminbi.

    In 2019 the disposable household income from China was 42,359 Chinese Yuan Renminbi, or $6,553.06. China household disposable income has gone down since the 2003 report by more than $400 per household. After spending their poverty level income on food, housing, utilities, and other essentials like clothes how much do you think they have to spend on Disney products?

    Why are you catering to a communist regime that has billions of poor people who can’t afford to buy any of your products? China’s government would have already collapsed like the Soviet Union’s if not for the fact they are, and have been for years, slowly buying up American and European companies. China is also exploiting the resource rich African continent.

    “Major U.S. companies including Walt Disney Co. and Apple Inc. have become pawns of China, enabling the government in Beijing to amass influence and wealth at the expense of the U.S. and Western democratic values, Attorney General William Barr said.”(

    Why didn’t Rey the bestest ever and ever sell in toy stores? Why are Gina Carano’s toys selling during a pandemic?

    Come closer I’m going to tell you a secret. Conservatives are having about 41% more children than liberals. Yep. That’s the big secret to economic success, cater to the conservatives. Those who consider themselves “non-binary” can’t have children. They always have negative population growth. The truth about the human species is it is a heterosexual species.  Heterosexual is a biological term meaning it takes a male and a female to produce offspring. Homosexual is another biological term. It means only a male and another male can produce offspring. I think there are a tree species and a insect species on planet Earth that are homosexual. No human being on planet earth is homosexual. Any person that undergoes an operation to physically change their gender is still part of a heterosexual species. The liberals who can have kids have this habit of aborting their children, not all of them do obviously. But we’re back to the fact conservatives are having almost twice as many children as liberals in America. Which is why the democratic/communist political party in America wants to make millions of illegal immigrants voting citizens. Conservatives also have this American habit of starting their own businesses and making money while many liberals seem to like being on welfare, again not all of them obviously. But no one can buy Rey action figures with food stamps. And the members of the angry mob on Twitter that hate America who do have money aren’t interested in buying your products.

    Disney lost over 2 billion in 2020 when other woke companies like Apple made more than 60 billion in 2020. It’s because Apple doesn’t insult their paying customers and tell them they are Nazis and racist for their political/religious beliefs. On the other hand Disney and Kathleen Kennedy have been in the news the past several years for telling their customers they are stupid, evil, racist, and the list of insults goes on and on. Disney made millions of dollars during the great depression of the 1930’s which was a worse economic time than 2020.

    Don’t get me wrong, Apple products are as stupid as Disney Star Wars. They are behind technologically and I could buy expensive gadgets like the top-of-the-line goPro and parts from to build a monster PC game machine and still have enough to take my sweetheart out on an expensive date… OR I could buy a single iPhone. The pandemic is not the reason Disney lost money in 2020. You are not getting points with us parents/uncles/aunts/grandparents who buy toys for the children we love in our families when you call us Nazis and fire/attack people who defend human rights guaranteed to all by the United States Constitution on social media. Do you honestly think we are going to take our children to see your movies and buy your toys for our kids when you make it clear you hate us? Why didn’t China parents buy toys for their one child the government allowed them to have? Because they don’t have any money and/or their one kid is an adult now who doesn’t want to play with wonder Rey the drooling force user. The communist China government foresaw their own extinction with their one child policy so in 2015 they ended it. The budding Chinese population aren’t old enough to want your toys. An American teenager living with their parents/guardian who works part time at McDonald’s has more spending money than the top 10% of working families in China.

    In summary the Disney board of directors have decided to cater to a communist regime that puts people in camps, kills them, and harvests political prisoner’s organs and whose population has no money to buy Disney products. Disney would rather cater to a modern real-life Nazi regime than the Americans who brought Disney into existence in the first place. Good luck with the path you have chosen. From Obiwan’s experience there is no such thing as luck.

    If you did understand the simple laws of supply and demand you wouldn’t have rammed your corporation into the ground in 2020. The simple laws of supply and demand state, “if you build it they will come.” To harvest the American field of dreams all anyone, or any business, has to do is make what the people want to buy. That’s it! You had to work really hard to take the most successful franchise in human history, Star Wars created by the genius George Lucas, and turn it into a financial loss. All you had to do to make money with Star Wars was simply stick with the George Lucas cannon already laid out the past forty years prior. That’s seriously all you had to do to. That’s all the American people wanted. But at least you have a mob of angry blue check marks on Twitter whose wallets are filled with food stamps who love you. Perhaps Disney should lobby Congress to pass a law allowing food stamps to buy toys.

    The American family used to go to movie theaters. It was like a mini-vacation. Take the kids, go with friends, or with a date. Buy some snacks and sit in big comfortable chairs while forgetting about the worries of daily life for a few hours. Now Disney has put all its financial hopes in having the American family, whom you thoroughly hate, sitting on a couch surrounded with the clutter of daily life, (let’s be honest, if you have kids and a clean home there’s something fishy going on), paying money to watch your China propaganda garbage. How depressing!

    In addition we all know your Disney+ subscriptions are inflated. You’ve partnered with Verizon. Verizon customers get a free year of Disney+ based on the plan they sign up for. Many people have it who don’t use it. And the way Verizon does billing I wonder how many people don’t even realize they are still paying for it after a year and have never used it.

    If you want to make money with Star Wars you need to do the following:
    Apologize in a public statement on all social media platforms to the loyal Star Wars fans who have kept it alive for generations in their families.
    Treat Luke Skywalker like the iconic American hero he is.
    Come out and publicly say the 3 major Disney Star Wars movies are not cannon and were a mistake.
    Get in talks with Timothy Zahn and turn his Thrawn trilogy of books, Hier to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command, into movies. At the time they were released George Lucas came out and said they are official cannon of the Star Wars Universe.

    Who should play the role of Mara Jade in that trilogy? No one is better suited than Gina Carano. Disney has a lot of apologizing to do. You must apologize with your actions first or your words are useless. Or you can continue down the dark path you have chosen which will forever dominate your destiny. Continue making mediocre trash for Communist China while attacking American Christian family values and saying how horrible the USA is. Then when your stock price is worth the same as a McDonald’s happy meal a competitor will buy you just to shut you up. I’m sure your shareholders will love that. As of right now your stock is overvalued as it has an estimated –59% rate of return. Maybe giving Kathleen Kennedy more air time on CNN (China’s news network) and having her insult everyone at the New York Stock Exchange by calling them racist capitalist pigs who hate gay people and are afraid of strong independent women will improve your stock. Darth Sidious would say, “Do it!”

    Americans aren’t stupid. We remember the fact Disney cheeped out on security and safety and a child was killed by an alligator on one of your hotel properties,
    We also remember the story about one of your accountants blowing the whistle on Disney,
    And now we know you hate beautiful, strong, educated, independent women who speak their mind.
    Remember what Master Yoda said about hate… it leads to suffering.

    I signed my legal name at the bottom

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