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    This is a long post, so if all you care about is Meme’s move along.

    We keep getting hammered about the China Virus (____) variant and getting the shot, wearing etc. This is my thought an opinion at this point.

    1st lets look at the Virus, today as I type this:
    USA Population 333,000,000
    Virus Cases USA 34,177,406
    Percent of Population 10.35% who have been found to have the virus present in their system.
    Virus related deaths 609,536 USA, with the virus present.
    Mortality rate 1.78% of those diagnose. This number keeps decreasing as people recover.
    True mortality rate Virus with no comorbidity 5.4% or 30,476 CDC an adh
    Nursing home deaths 133,414 per CDC
    Even truer Mortality rate “virus no comorbidity” and you remove Nursing Home is .39%
    Survivability rate 99.61 %

    2nd Average time for FDA approval on a new drug.
    6 to 12 months after all Clinical and Scientific Testing per FDA

    There is no typical length of time it takes for a drug to be tested and approved. It might take 10 to 15 years or more to complete all 3 phases of clinical trials before the licensing stage. But this time span varies a lot. <citation, Cancer Treatment Center>

    The average Development Time was 6.7 years, and the median was 5.6 years.
    The average Review Time was 1.5 years, and the median was 0.9 years.
    For the past decade, a complete submission package is reviewed by the FDA in 10 months or less. The median is 7.2 years. This is for the 802 approvals for which the information is available and applicable.
    <Citation CDC, FDA, AMA websites>

    Covid Vaccine was created and being administered in less than 1 year! Where all other drugs took on average 9 to 10 years.

    But those drugs we knew the side effect both short and long term. Physicians had time to relearn about them, revue them an be able to judge if it would be correct for each patient’s health. None of that is present with Covid Vaccines. In fact, the pharmaceutical companies have been given protections from lawsuits relating to effects from their Covid Shots! We just 2 weeks ago had alerts put out about potential side-effects to the HEART! This is not the first and will probably not be the last alert.

    Currently NONE of the shots have even been given FDA approval! I would suspect even with the political pressure to o so, the FDA is seeing the health effect, and also knowing there are many unknown effects are unwilling to give approval. Let’s be honest we known beyond doubt there have been deaths related to the shot as well as other medical issues.

    3rd there is a political aspect to this.
    We can all turn on the news or social media and see our politicians doing what they do best, which is NOT letting a crisis go to waste. Follow the money, I would bet many of them have investments in some business relate to covid products. Even the Social Media companies have been caught shadow banning to outright banning and deleting post that did not fit the narrative! Yet things said at the start of this that ha sanctions against them are now being allowed as they are proven true.

    The actions by the Politicians, Buerocrats who call themselves doctors and social media companies has created a distrust by the population. A distrust that very likely has caused deaths, and certainly has fracture relationships between even family. Their actions also caused many businesses to be close, some never to be reopened while allowing others to remain open with no explanation to why one was “essential” and another not. I promise to those Business Owners, their business was essential. But even worse there was no consistency across our Country to any of this.

    Politicians and Companies should wake up and take a look at the clear message MILLIONS of Americans are stating clearly.

    “We do not trust you”

    By HALF the population! This is not a political choice by the people as reports by News sources cite people from all political affiliations, races, religions and color are saying the same thing!

    Yet because of Politicians mouths we have the term (antivaxxer) for anyone not wanting to get the shot. As if we needed another reason to dislike politicians or distrust them. This term and the division created by a person’s medical choices is creating riffs in family and between friends.

    Final thoughts:
    There use to be a time it was not considered wise or polite to discuss “Politics, Religion or Sex” in public or even family gatherings, because it never did anything but cause problems. Now it’s done to frequently and proving why those subjects were not discussed. Covid IS political, this cannot be denied.

    Here is the bottom line for all arguments.
    1. Get the shot if you want
    2. Don’t get the shot if you don’t want
    3. Your medical history is and should be private
    4. Do not discuss your medical history or disclose it to anyone but your spouse or doctor.
    5. Do not talk about Politics, Sex or Religion if you do not want to have a fight on your hands.

    If someone says you are a _ _ _ _ _ _, if you do not have the shot, they are the _ _ _ _ _ _, because if they have had the shot then they should not be worried, now, should they? At this point anyone who wanted it has probably got it. (Refer to #4 above)
    Adults can make the choice to or not to get the shot, based off discussions with their doctor and personal belief. (Refer again to #4)

    This like the Last U.S Election is showing people who their true friends are. It’s good to shake that tree from time to time, and let the bad fruit fall to the ground and be rid of it. You have to ask yourself are they really people you want in your life, if that is how they treat you?

    So as to the Shot to get it or not, talk to your doctor and spouse, do research of your own an using all the best judgment for yourself and family decide. Then do not discuss it or you might find out who your true friends and even family are you want in your life. Choice is yours an no one else. It really should stay that way.

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