My thoughts on Zack Synder’s comments about Jeremy and Geeks and Gamers

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    So I had watched the recent videos from Geeks and Gamers that came out and talked about what Zack Synder said about Jeremy along with Geeks and Gamers during a charity livestream on Uche’s channel to raise money prevent suicide of all things.

    I after watching Jeremy’s videos on the situation with Zack Synder, I decided to watch the actual charity livestream itself where Zack Synder said himself that he didn’t want to associate with Geeks and Gamers after the things that happened recently in the USA.

    I was completely disgusted and pissed off right away with what Zack Synder said after Uche and the rest of the Geeks and Gamers members there brought on Zack as a guest to their charity livestream.

    I was looking at the facial expressions on the faces of the Geeks and Gamers members there that had to sit there and listen to the horrible things Zack Synder said about Geeks and Gamers.

    I looked on at Mara Jade Shadow and her facial expressions which out of all the people there on livestream panel seemed to me the most angry with what Zack Synder said and I could see her angry just bubbling at the surface just hearing the disrespect this man brought to the livestream after all the good will Geeks and Gamers was trying to bring to the world.

    Mara was emoting what I felt at that very moment when I was watching that livestream where Zack said the horrible things he said. I also saw the facial expressions of the other people on the panel who to me looked like each one was trying their best to hold back their anger after Zack Synder said about how he didn’t want to associate with Geeks and Gamers in his virtue signalling.

    I am someone with Aspergers Syndrome which is a mild form of high functioning autism who has great trouble in his own everyday life with understanding other people’s facial expressions and even I could see the anger on the faces of the people on the livestream that Zack Sunder said the terrible things he said about Geeks and Gamers to.

    You would think Zack Synder could see the facial expressions and emotions on the faces of Ryan Kinel, Lethal Lightning, Mara Jade Shadow, Uche, Film Gob, and the other panel members that are involved with Geeks and Gamers as he shat on them with his disgusting comment?

    I was as surprised as these people on the livestream panel were in what Zack Synder said?

    I before this thought Zack Sunder would be different from the rest of the Hollywood robots and would be more gracious and would just say something nice after being invited onto charity livestream as a guest that was raising money to prevent suicide which was a horrible thing that affected his own family recently.

    I thought Zack Synder before his virtue signalling was revealed that he was a bigger man than this and was opened minded to all perspectives of thinking even ones that didn’t match or line up with his own as he was willing to even accept the invite from Geeks and Gamers to come to their charity livestream to prevent suicide and early on in it….he lets it all out.

    But I guess I was wrong and Zack Synder isn’t a bigger man and was no different than the rest of the Hollywood robots and would just repeat the same programmed lines like them and virtue signal away because he didn’t want the angry mobs on Twitter to come after him like Parademons in Justice League.


    For a guy who directs movies about brave heroes rising up to fight against adversity…..he sure doesn’t emulate King Leonidas in 300 or Superman in Man of Steel at all.

    He doesn’t seem to lead by example?

    No in reality Zack Synder after saying he doesn’t want to associate with Geeks and Gamers when they were trying to raise money to stop suicide like superheroes stopping a disaster…..Zack Synder has to play like Lex Luthor and back stabbed the very people who felt great sorrow for Zack’s loss because of suicide and also the very same people who gave their support to The Release the Synder Cut movement that even allowed his most recent passion project to even be green lit and exist.

    Real nice Zack Synder… the middle finger to people who actual care about you, your loss in your family and your passion project!!!!!

    If Zack Synder doesn’t want to associate with Geeks and Gamers at all then he should’ve never accepted the invite then come on to the Geeks and Gamers charity livestream in the first place then proceeded to say those horrible things he said about Geeks and Gamers….I have Aspergers Syndrome and even I with my limited social understanding know that what this guy did was very, very beyond socially awkward, rude and down right mean spirited.


    Zack Synder is older than me by 24 years and is old enough to be my father and this guy in how he acted towards the people on the panel of that charity livestream seems like the actions of some teenage kid in Highschool wanting to be popular so he goes and makes fun of a bunch of nerds who actual want to be his friend that have his back in front of a bunch of jocks who hate his guts that don’t want to be his friend yet this teenager wants to be friends with these jocks even though they hate him to be popular for a short time until Highschool graduation.

    Zack Synder in my opinion needs to make up his mind….does he want Geeks and Gamers along with the Fandom Menace that support him or does he not? Cause his actions with his comments and him coming onto the charity livestream seem confusing as Hell to me.

    The nerve of Zack Synder to call Geeks and Gamers by name then saying he wants nothing to do with it when Jeremy Griggs wasn’t there on that charity livestream to defend himself.

    In my opinion Zack Synder if he really wants to bad mouth Geeks and Gamers like that, then I say he gets onto another livestream in the near future with Jeremy Griggs of Geeks and Gamers then say it up to the face of Jeremy who created the brand.

    Cause to fire at Jeremy when his back is turned like that, like what Zack Sunder did are the actions of a coward and the Justice League if they were real wouldn’t stand for that as what Zack did was without honour or bravery in the eyes of the people working under Jeremy at Geeks and Gamers along with the people watching that charity livestream like me.

    As I said before…for a guy who directs movies about heroes….Zack Synder sure doesn’t act like a hero in his taking of cheap shots like that at Jeremy when he wasn’t even there to give his perspective or opinion that opposes Zack’s own.

    The irony in how Zack does a movie about superheroes who save the day all the time yet in real life he is too blind to even see the heroic actions of Geeks and Gamers who do a charity to raise money to prevent suicide who have also done other charities in the past to raise money to help sick kids, and many many other good causes like that.

    Did Zack Synder even do his research on Geeks and Gamers before coming on to the charity livestream and say what he said about Geeks and Gamers along with Jeremy?

    Zack Synder directs a movie with Batman in it who always does his research before going into anything yet Zack himself doesn’t do research before going into the charity livestream then opening up his mouth?

    It seems irony is Zack Synder’s superpower.

    After seeing what Zack Synder said first hand on that charity livestream……I have lost any and all respect for this man who made movies I generally liked like Watchmen, 300, Man of Steel and even Batman V. Superman even though most people hated it.

    I will pay to watch Synder’s vision of the Justice League but I’m not doing it to support him after what I saw him say about Jeremy and Geeks and Gamers, no I will pay to see Synder’s Justice League to support the Justice League because I like them and not Zack Synder himself.

    Zack Synder just happens to be unfortunately the admission middle man I am forced to pay at the front before I enter and see my heroes in action.

    I can separate the art from the artist and Synder’s Justice League from what I hear from Doomcock is a masterpiece with no wokeness in sight which I can appreciate but I can also not like the man who made this masterpiece.

    Then after that I am gonna buy the Synder Cut of Justice League the movie but if I ever see Zack Synder and Jeremy Griggs in the same place at the same time…..I am gonna totally walk past Zack Synder toward Jeremy Griggs and ask him to sign my copy of the Zack Synder Justice League infront of Zack Synder because I want a real hero to sign my copy and not some jerk who happened to have made this movie.

    Because superheroes don’t all wear capes, spandex or have super powers…some are just normal guys that create companies then try their best with the money they make from their success to help good causes in the world and don’t care if the people they help like them or not or want to associate with them or not.

    Because Jeremy Griggs is a big enough man to stand on his own and understand that you and I have an opinion that may or may not align with his own then still be there to stand up for when you need him most like during Jeremy’s fued with Star Wars Theory.

    Jeremy even though he was beefing with Star Wars Theory had put aside his indifference with Star Wars Theory to stand up for him when Pablo Hildago was making fun of Star Wars Theory.

    Jeremy and Star Wars Theory in the end put aside their differences and patched things up even though they still didn’t agree…could Zack Synder do the same and prove to me along with others watching that he is a big man and could say he is sorry to Jeremy then have a conversation with Jeremy himself about his differing views on Geeks and Gamers?

    I dare Zack Synder to have a talk with Jeremy on a future livestream.

    I don’t usually do stuff like this but I was so angry after seeing what Zack Synder say to wards Jeremy along with Geeks and Gamers, I thought I would say this here.

    I don’t have a Youtube channel not anymore and I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook either but I thought I would still speak on this topic to put my 2 cents even though many people might not see this or reply.

























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