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    I created a topic in Anime last night and it isn’t showing up when I click the form. Does anyone know what the problem is?


    1) Did you do multiple edits? The forum doesn’t like it if you do multiple edits back to back. It has a response function that will remove your post.

    2) Did you have a lot if images or videos in it? After a certain point, a post will nuke itself when you submit it if there are too many link, images, or videos in it.


    It’s annoying, and the admins need to fix it, and we’ve been asking for these things for months, but considering this is a homebrew website not a cookie cutter they are slow to make the changes. Once you know how to maneuver around the forum quirks it’s workable.


    Thanks for letting me know. I’ll keep it all in mind as I try to use the site more often.


    Happened to me a few times too, yes, problem is too many links or images

    What i do when this happens is press the back button, like this everything should be as it was before posting, then re-post with less links/images and post the rest of links/images as a reply

    I’ve noticed the maximum amount of links per post is 4

    Also, make sure to copy your posts if they’re long, if the site logs out while posting it’ll dissapear and you’ll have to re-type it!

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    I had several new posts vanish over the months Ive been here. Ususlly cause I was posting a link to something like bitchute or the CDC…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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