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    True. I’m sure preorders were decent from the popularity of the first game, and while some might have been cancelled I still think the sales figures for this one will be ok. It won’t match the first game as that had legs and sold on two consoles. But if a 3rd installment is made, that will be interesting to see.


    As Ellie would have said in part 1 if she saw what part 2 was,

    “Fuck Naughty dog, there a bunch of assholes that dont care about me or Joel or anything for that manner. Screw them assholes”.




    It really is sad to see how far Naughty Dog has fallen. They used to be considered heroes in the industry back when Crash Bandicoot was new… from making a mascot for the Playstation to now… shoving SJW politics down our throats and silencing people who calls them out on it…. My level of respect for Naughty Dog now is zero. Forget those guys!


    I’m hoping the YouTube channel “Hoeg Law” will cover that; it is blatant “bait and switch”, intentional deception.


    CUCKMAN: Whose being a “NAUGHTY DOG”?

    RYAN: :Giggles: uncontrollably…FUCK NAUGHTY DOG!

    CUCKMAN: Here I come…!!!


    (Thanks to whoever made this fantastic meme! Ryan rocks, please don’t break a controller on my skull for this!)

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    Here’s my prediction, I think Neil Cuckmann will announce he is leaving the company.  However truth be told Naughty Dog will fire him.


    Even Angry Joe couldn’t defend this xD


    More youtubers are rejecting this


    I’m not a playstation gamer but have been following all the drama and I can’t see how they could make part 3 for the Last of Us as no one would buy it now that they know how crap Part 2 was.

    People need to vote with their wallets and don’t buy anything from Naughty Dog, it’s the only way they will listen.


    Don’t know how to break this to you but the same company that owns Naughty Dog owns Insomniac.
    They aren’t immune.
    As a matter of fact, if you pay attention to PS4 Spider-Man, there is a lot of woke bulllshit in that game.
    Most evident in the fact almost every character trait of Mary Jane was changed. She’s a discount Lois Lane because her actual character of, “Hot Model that likes to have fun” is offensive now. Don’t get me started on Silver Sable.


    I just tried to review bomb The Last of Us Part 2 on Metacritic with a 10/10 BUT I wrote a sarcastic review to try and trick them.  Here’s what I wrote:

    “The Last of Us Part 2 is such a masterpiece that doesn’t spit all over it’s predecessor in the slightest. After seven years of waiting fans are certainly happy to love all the Ellie/Joel interactions in the form of flashbacks as opposed to playing through those gut wrenching moments as the story goes on. And then there’s Abby, the games second playable character. I’m fascinated by Naughty Dog’s Last Jedi approach of “letting the past die, kill it if you have too” the moment we see Abby beat Joel to death with a golf club two hours into the game. Happy Father’s Day everyone! As the game progresses between present day or flashback like an episode from seasons 1-5 of Arrow we play as Ellie getting sweet revenge on Joel’s murderers John Wick style. And she killed them all, no way any of them got away scot free with fulfilment. But in the end, Ellie learns the harsh reality that when you get revenge, always dig one grave for yourself. I hope this has been enlightening, have a good day.”

    With Metacritic outright blocking negative reviews my theory was that they were only approving overwhelmingly positive reviews and having moderators check the negative ones based on score alone.  Unfortunately it didn’t work as I tried twice and kept getting an error.  Turns out Metacritic has a at least one brain cell after all.  Oh well, I suppose trusting certain YouTubers and boycotting Naughty Dog are all the weapons we have left.

    Update:  Disregard that previous paragraph except for my theory.  It looks like it’s possible my review went through.  Please, someone go to Metacritic and look up the review under the user name ODoyleRulez.  It’s possible my theory could transition into a hypothesis.  If we positive review bomb the game BUT write negative things, then will the review still go through.  In a few days time I’ll create a second account and leave a “positive” review without sarcasm.  My goal is to try and inverse the system.  Make Metacritic doubt every 10/10 score as sarcastic or hurtful.  Unless of course they’ve stopped blocking and deleting accounts.

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    I’m interested in seeing what game Naughty Dog brings out next, probably Uncharted 5 or The Last of Us remastered for the PS5. Not that I have any interest in purchasing it, only hoping it tank in sales.

    Then again if you stuck a Naughty Dog badge on a lump of excrement (sorry for being vulgar), there are people who would rush out to purchase it.


    Downgrade? :)


    Did it work ? Did your vote has been validated ?


    Check the Latest Gab.

    What I think of both Naughty Dog and their recent game.

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