NBA to paint BLM on the court.

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      This is great!  Now we can not watch millionaire black thugs trample all over the BLM movement.  Also, do they really think that 40,000,000 unemployed Americans want to hear millionaire athletes complain?


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      At least the NBA restarts after pride month, so we won’t have a mix of lgbtqap + blm, that would make people crazy.

      But yeah, I already expect a lot of activism during all of sport events in US. And probably a couple of more hoaxes, just to keep the business alive.

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        Good point.  We will get more hoaxes.  If they would just play ball and not do the activism, I would watch.  But frankly, it would make me sick to watch all that BS.  America is so not oppressive.  I have traveled this world.  Seen it all.  If a person thinks America is racist, he or she is a fool.  They really are.

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      The NBA stopped for me in 2008, because I got everything I wanted and they can never take it away from me.


      The Celtics defied everything and beat back all the corporate attempts to keep them from winning. At every single turn the NBA tried to derail one of the greatest marches to victory ever, because it did not fit their narrative. The Cetlics, specifically Paul Pierce, beat their new golden boy Bron Bron in dramatic fashion, so much so that it broke him and he ran to Miami.


      After 2008 the NBA went down hill in rapid decline of quality and character. They bent the knee to China over and over, and allowed over paid man children to spout bullshit constantly. They carried Bron Bron to several championships, I dare anyone to tell me that LeTruck has not been one of the most helped players ever on the court, allowed to literally get away with anything from steps to in game assault.


      So here we are in 2020 where these man children continue to devolve and throw tantrums, and the NBA supports it.


      I love basketball. To me it is one of the most beautiful sports to watch and play. But the NBA is shit, and has been for a decade, and I’m glad I checked out a long time ago.


      I got what I wanted. I got to watch my team and two of my favorite players, Paul Pierce and Keven Garnett, rule the day and prove that talent and teamwork can win out in the end.


      So fuck off, NBA. I have my memories, and you can never take that away from me.

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      I gave up on basketball after Stockton left really.  I also grew up in the 80s.  Basketball in the 80s was so much better than today that is really hard to describe how much better it was.  I was a Celtics fan growing up.  I met Larry Bird when he was a first-year coach back in 1997.

      Here is all you need to know about that.  I met him at a rookie game.  The arena was packed.   No one cared about the rookies.  Larry walks into the arena.  The place gets dead quiet.  Larry is huge by the way.  The TV does not really show just how big he is.  Like I said though, the arena was quiet.  Then some little kids who was about 10 walks up to him and asks him for his autograph.  Larry gives it.  The kid goes back to his dad.  Then all of a sudden Larry was swarmed by about 200 people and everyone was chanting Larry, Larry, Larry.  My words don’t do the who incident justice.  That is the difference between a legend and someone like LeBron.

      Also, Bird, McHale, and Parrish were unbelievable.  I also used to play ball with people like Mark Price when I lived in Atlanta.  You think Steph Curry can shoot?  Please.  I once saw Mark Price stand at half court and make shot after shot after shot after shot. The man also drove a mini-van and when I first met him he was in a Blockbuster video with his wife and child renting a movie.  Very nice person.  You would never know he was in the NBA either.

      Today’s players are very selfish, the leagues is watered down, there are too many one and dones …… they are nothing compared to the past.  Nothing.  And dont ever give me this nonsense that LeBron is as good as MJ.  The closest to MJ I ever saw was Kobe.  I would take Kobe over LeBron any day of the week.

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        My mom met Bill Russel once at a party with my dad before I was born.


        Story goes she was standing at drink table when suddenly she realized there were two giants beside her. She looked up and on one side was Bill Russell and the other Willis Reed. I think she said something along the lines of, “I feel like I’m in a forest.”

        Russ goes something like, “You are, little lady.” Then did the famous Russell laugh.

        That story brings me both joy and jealousy, because it happened before I was even born and would love to meet Bill Russell.


        True greatness. Bill Russell. The greatest winner in all of sports history. A ring for each finger and one to spare. A  man who truly understood what it meant to fight for equal rights. Never lashed out. Always a professional and a class act through his career and as a public figure.



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        I’m a 41 year old self-employed father who doesn’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to entertainment like I did back in my younger days. I was falling out of love with the NBA for the past few years as it was, but bringing in politics, and shoving it in your face with messages on commercials, jerseys, courts, sneakers, and every other facet of the game have been disappointing to say the least. NikoBelic, you’re right. The players have become selfish. One of my favorite was Tim Duncan. Solid. He’s got five rings. Five. You never saw him throwing them around in everyone’s face. I’m going to say this again, in 2002 the 3 point attempts were 13.7 per game, now it’s at 33.9.  Ridiculously boring. Gonna have to give up on the NBA and invest my time in something else.

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      This pushing Marxist agenda means the NBA is dead to me.

      Sports is to entertain us, not being turned into a spectacle of spoiled Narcissistic attitude is disgusting.

      It is DEAD to me.

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