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      My dick so hard right now and not just because they left in Kaine’s butt window. haha (I was half expecting them to censor it, seriously.).
      If you never played the original, you NEED to get on this shit. Fuck everything else coming out this year, this is better than any of it.

      I dont know if I’ll like it better than the Gestalt version but the, overall, story is so good it will be amazing, either way.  It’s, probably, my favorite story ever put in a video game.
      (They were 2 versions released in Japan in 2010.  Gestalt is a father looking for his daughter. Replicant is brother looking for his sister. Otherwise, they are, basically, identical. Gestalt was the only 1 released worldwide at the time).

      This could be one of the few times that doing something the woke crowd wants is actually a good thing as there was censorship in the western release in 2010 that I doubt they would censor in the 2021 version (SPOILERS: in the japanese version, kaine has a dick. END SPOILERS).


      Remember that since it’s 2021 and they’re remastering Replicant, they’ll also likely fully put into the game all the mentions and elements of why Kainé’s lovely stripperific outfit is at least partially fanservice deconstruction (And right as I write that, I read that you mention it at the end of the post :D ).
      … I also hope they might give some inklings of young Nier’s backstory rather than only leave the heaviest stuff for the supplementary materials. in my opinion, it enriches the sadder portion of the story, and also explains why he has that spiky hair, which thankfully is at least partially back in this video after seeming absent and patted-down in the earlier released screenshots.

      I love Replicant to absolute bits and hope a lot of people play this after Taro’s storytelling was brought to a wider audience thanks to Automata.


        I dont know if I’d like Replicant more than the Gestalt version.
        Ugly ass old man trying to save his daughter is more appealing to me than generic looking anime pretty boy saving his sister.
        But 99% of the story will be, exactly, the same so I’ll be surprised if it’s not one of my games of the year.

        I hope they left in that weird section where you have to read a long ass story and then take a quiz about it. I just wanna hear normies bitch about it. haha


        Seems like the forum decided to eat/disappear my reply, so in case it’s gone for now for whatever reason, I’ll just say that while both versions have good points and the father-daughter relation of Gestalt version certainly speaks to us Westerners more, the background story of young Nier as a character spoke to me more on a personal level due to the tragedy and dark portions of it, and the subtle romantic overtones of Nier and Kaine’s relations come less out of seemingly nowhere by the end of the game in Replicant version.


          On this website, before you click “submit”, make sure you copy your text because there is always a chance it wont post.

          And what romantic overtones? I havent played it in like 8 years but I dont remember any.
          2 people can be nice and deeply care about each other without wanting to fuck each other.

          Again, it has been 8 years so maybe I just forgot something but I know it wasnt a focal point of the narrative. I would have liked the game less if it was.


          SPOILERSSSSS :

          If you ask me, there was next to none in Nier : Gestalt, which is why the endings’ C and D sort of come out of the left field (The protagonist seemingly going for a kiss with Kaine in C and sacrificing you-know-what in ending D).

          In Nier : Replicant, a few dialogues are subtly different, so you get the feeling they might’ve felt something for one another under different circumstances but as-is that hardly even registers, particularly for Nier, and it’s still very much removed from anything resembling an important role (because it’s the same game).

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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