Nerdrotic has the most interesting backstory

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    Out of all the people I watch and follow in the Fandom Menace, Gary Beuchler aka Nerdrotic has the most interesting backstory of all the people there.

    Everytime I watch a Nerdrotic livestream or listen to one of his podcasts whenever Gary starts talking about his past as an ex-con, his time in jail, his time making and doing drugs, his time in rehab, him owning a comic store, his time in Hollywood and anything else….I can’t help but want to know more about his past like Gary was a comic book character like Wolverine or something?

    Gary may look like your local Highschool teacher that teaches math or something and yell at the students for messing around in the back but the dude has an interesting backstory that no one else in the Fandom Menace can really compare to.

    Gary’s backstory makes Jeremy’s backstory look really really generic and tame in comparison (but the fact that Jeremy used to drag race in his younger days was pretty cool though)….no offensive Jeremy….PLEASE DON’T BAN ME FROM YOUR WEBSITE LOL jk 😂😀

    Gary is like an onion with many many layers to his person that after I peel a few off….Gary comes back out of left field with something else I didn’t know about him.

    For me it was very surprising when I saw Gary appear on a stream with Viva Frei recently who has nothing to do with pop culture what so ever and he himself isn’t a geek or nerd but more a lawyer in Canada that talks politics and….Gary shows anyways and talks pop culture with a total normie.

    That is interesting like Wolverine in how he’ll randomly show up in a random comic book in Marvel out of the blue that has nothing to do with X-Men then becomes a big plot point in it.

    I think if someone in the Fandom Menace were to do a documentary or a biopic about anyone in the Fandom Menace it should be Nerdrotic because Gary has the most interesting story to be told.

    So The Rookie Critic and Kamran Pasha you two love film making and are both part of the Fandom Menace….GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES…..and go make a biopic or documentary about Nerdrotic right now!!!!! lol jk 😂😀

    Hell, Author Stephen Walton who wrote that Fandom Menace book should just write a whole new book just about Gary from his misunderstood beginnings to his big role in the Fandom Menace helping to save pop culture.

    This is just my opinion of probably one of the most interesting people in the Fandom Menace and I find it kinda funny how Gary once said in a livestream with Doomcock that people aren’t doing enough to save pop culture and that no one is going to swoop down and save your pop culture for you….yet Gary is a hypocrite in that he himself along with so many people in the Fandom Menace are swooping down and saving our pop culture on a regular basis.

    Gary and others like him in the Fandom Menace have saved pop culture so much they aren’t even self aware of it?

    The whole reason The Mandalorian even exists is because of the Fandom Menace swooping in like hawks and picking off the SJW parasites one by one that gathered onto our pop culture.

    I am getting off track from Gary a bit but if it weren’t for people like Gary and Jeremy we fans of pop culture wouldn’t have a voice to shout at the corporations with that we want our pop culture woke free.

    Also to end, I know Gary is thinking about starting up an online store that sells things like toys….but I wonder does Gary sell any Power Rangers toys or action figures…cause I am looking to get a Dragonzord or Dragon Dagger for a good price that can ship for free to where I live.





    That fact that he’s in his 50’s and gives back in terms of educating his views and contributing knowledge is, in itself, helpful. Also, he looks like a weirdo, but he looks healthy, stable and is very professional in speech and presentation. He’s someone you accept and that you take seriously, or at least I do.



    If the Fandom Menace was a tribe, Gary would be one of the wisest elders of our tribe, but I don’t know is 51 years old enough for him to be considered a village elder.


    Marvel is DOOMED | Captain Marvel ERASED?

    Is Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel on her way out after getting sidelined in her own film? Did The MCU just refer to ESCAPISM? What does this mean? It looks like it is going to get much worse before it gets better. Marvel released a Phase 4 sizzle real and while it included some interesting titles like Doctor Strange and The Fantastic Four, it also included The Marvels (formerly Captain Marvel 2) and The Eternals. Two potential FLOPS for a franchise who hasn’t had one. This year looks to be Marvel’s worst era and it doesn’t help when we here that Kevin Feige wants the MCU to be a platform for ‘society to look at itself differently.” Sounds like the furthest thing away from ESCAPISM to me.


    It’s time to consider that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings could be a massive billion dollar disaster. Fist off, this story represents everything Hollywood hates right now. How can you make a faithful of anything Tolkien in the current entertainment industry? Amazon keeps planting red flap after red flag and they seem insistent on repeating the mistakes of their fellow repurposes. Hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look good.

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    Nerdrotic is awesome. always great content and great guests.



    I don’t listen to him often enough since he is super active. Regarding back story, his life could be a movie. He said he was an orphan and literally was dropped off at the Salvation Army like a piece of clothing. Then, he was adopted.

    What a great broadcaster. Great takes with inner strength and psychological fortitude. I like that he openly says he’ll be a gatekeeper if that’s what it takes. It’s basic reciprocity. The SJWs have proven that they are only in it to destroy institutions. One of the places it really started was with the Boy Scouts.

    Marvel’s What If MELTDOWN | Spider Man Trailer LEAKS | Gina Carano was RIGHT


      I think there is one youtuber with an even wilder backstory, who might not be part of the fandom menace, but is definitely anti woke.:Chris Dangerfield

      Too bad that he seems to stopped making an effort on yotube and only livestreams randomly nowadays.He might have relapsed into drugs IDK.

      But if you look at his old videos where he talks about his backstory, they are actually hilarious and he is a great storyteller, also used to be a stand up comedian so that helps.

      The Crack Gnome story is a good starting point, but also the crack diaries and sex tourist in patong are worth a listen.



      Chrissie Mayr and Nerdrotic hosted InfoWars today

      WAR ROOM [FULL] Wednesday 9/7/22 • Residents Flee California to Escape Gov. Newsom’s Green Energy

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