NES – almost 40 years later – a brief quip

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      It physically hurt me to type that title because it forces me to realize my age.  Something I spend A LOT of time ignoring :P

      Anyway, I have my original NES from back in the day.  Not to long ago I decided to plug it in to see if it still functioned.  Holy hell was I surprised when it did.  I put in several games to see if they worked and they did as well.

      Nothing is made like that anymore.  Hell I even put in a cartridge I had named “Shawdow Gate”.  One of my favorite NES titles at the time.  It was an awesome almost RPG that was mist like where you traversed from room to room solving a puzzle in each to get to the next.  I was FLOORED to find my save games (which I think depended on a built in battery) still were there from 35+ years ago.  INSANE!

      Anyway, just a fun NES story.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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