Never talking about what i like or Dislike

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    I am never talking about what i like or dislike about movies and games tv shows everyone getting buthurt on everything




    That’s why we have geeks and gamers, so we can talk about what we like and dislike freely with people disagreeing without getting butthurt


    true. =)

    for example, DigiCat loves wanda vision and falcon, I don’t… I don’t like it at all. But it’s fine. :D

    lol ;)

    And I love Sopranos, and maybe she hates it lol :D


    PS: I really hope the forum gets improvements asap… we really need it… specially emojis/emoticons xD

    Cheers, have a nice weekend everyone. ;)


    We have emojis 🐱


    i mean like i was talking about  new mortal kombat i said its so bad everyone getting butthurt


    I haven’t even watched most of the new films because of a few things. 1.) Majority cannot write for beans, 2.) Clown world always pushing wokeness (Falcon and Winter Soldier), 3.) Entertainment has pretty much burned out, 4.) Some actors definitely deserve better (Mr. Mackie definitely does.  I watched his performance in The Adjustment Bureau recently with my father and he did great).


    I will reply with this answer.

    Learn to have civil debates with people on the substance, ignore the trolls and enjoy the debate, sounds like you might be the one getting butt-hurt because people are not agreeing with you though.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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