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    Hey all. Been watching the G+G crew play zero build for several months. Finally decided to start playing.

    Would be cool to play with some other G+G fans. I play for fun but also to win. I’m not good but a pretty decent teammate. Currently level 63. I like to stick to zero build with duo’s or trio’s. Every time I play squads I get the worst loot and don’t get many elims because my squad mates are pro’s.

    If interested my Epic name is LanternMike2814. Hope to see some new names.


      I only play with my daughter at this point.  I play other shooters which I am OK at but I am the suck at Fortnite.  If I were better I would play with others but I am not at all competitive currently.


      I’m not competitive either. Just fun to coordinate with squadmates and get some elims while having some laughs.


      I love playing Fortnite because it’s such a crazy game! It has everything you need for total relaxation and a break from reality – adrenaline, action, strategy, and, of course, lots of opponents. I love testing my skills in survival battles, building fortifications and trapping other players. I also love going to and playing there with friends. On this site, every game is unique and you never know what awaits you at the next stage. Of course, sometimes it is difficult to win and you have to deal with losses. But I’m not discouraged and keep playing, striving to become the best player and win every game.

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      Hello there Are there any other Fortnite players in the house. I’m always up for some squad or duo action. Let’s work together to conquer the island. Drop your IGN and let’s get those Victory Royales started.

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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