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    I’m a big X-Men fan. I love the X-Men films with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Ian McKellen as Magneto. A few months ago, my mom and I watched New Mutants which if you already know was supposed to come out in like 2016 or 2017 but kept getting delayed and I have to say, despite being an X=Men fan, I HATED New Mutants. It was not a good film and not a good way to end the franchise that mainly kicked off the whole Comic Book movie thing for Marvel. Yes, I know there were Marvel films before X-Men but you could say that X-Men was the first successful Marvel film back in the day. But I’m curious to know what everyone else’s thoughts are on New Mutants.


    I actually really enjoyed New Mutants, it’s by no means the best comic book movie ever, but it had an interesting plot and a mostly solid cast

    I caught it in cinemas when they miraculouslly opened up for a couple of weeks 😁 before getting shut down again 😿


    I’m glad you liked it. I’ll admit, I did like the cast. I thought they did a pretty good job. Guess it just wasn’t for me.


    I thought it was alright. I’m also a big X-Men fan (as you can imagine, I’m terrified at what Disney will do to the series. Probably tone the whole thing down😑). I’ve been wanting to see it since it had been first announced. I was familiar with some of the characters even though I had never read any of the New Mutants comics but have read various X-Men comics in the past (excluding the current woke nonsense. *Shudders at the mention of Snowflake and Safe Space*). I didn’t think it was too bad (about time we had a 15 rated X-Men film aside from Logan) but my only problem was that it didn’t start to get interesting until towards the last half hour or so of the film which I thought was a waste.

    Over all, not too bad a film but not the best X-Men film.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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