new star wars video downvote and qoute

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    copy and paste if needed: “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies when yours can be ruined with the truth” – Gina Carano #CancelDisneyPlus #FireKathleenKennedy #weloveginacarano #welovecaradune #welcometotherebelion #BeforeTheDarkTimes #FireKrystinaArielle #BoycotDisney #BobChapekstepdown #WeStandWithGina #boycottDisneystarwars #justiceforginacarnao #FireBobChapek #NotwatchingMandalorianseason3 #MakeStarWarsGreatAgain


    Dont ya have better shit to do with your time?

    If we just ignore them the traffic will die. Their traffic is already less than 15% just let it die.



    Respectfully must disagree with you 100%. Companies know by enlarge they can weather the Social Media Storm. The longer this last and the more people doing it puts it right in the faces of investors, share holders and other business’s that deal with them. It makes it uncomfortable. Look at the share holders meeting, in years past those questions would have never got asked, this is exactly how the fans can get change. Example SNYDERCUT.

    This is only a few seconds of a persons day and it keeps it in the true powers at Disney Lucas face, the people who have the money.  So I say the more people who do this the better chances are change might happen.


    NOT-Lucasfilm is not a film company its a Communist propaganda arm.

    The rat is not interested in making a dollar. If they were they would have stopped the bullshit coming out of NOT-Lucasfilm the day they killed the EU cause they cant write for shit. No ammount of telling them they suck will change this. Just stop giving them traffic.


    I just did  dislike the video good and great it  feels good

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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