Next God of War Delayed, will be on PS4 and PS5

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    Well, this is good. I have no interest in PS5. Now I can still play it. Eventually.


    I’m waiting for the PS5 Pro and for this game to be around $20. I know I’ll be waiting a while, hopefully this game will be worth it.


    I  still haven’t even played GoW 4, so

    1) whatever…I’m good, take your time with it to make it the best game you can.

    2) I can’t afford a PS5 yet, so fine, one more game to look forward to when I get it. And I need games to look forward to, because I’ll need at least 4-5 games I want as a threshold for buying, especially now since I’m a little off the Horizon Forbidden West cart with the whole fat faced Aloy thing.

    Call me shallow, but what the fuck. I know Aloy was no looker in the first game, but this is fucking ridiculous, especially with the revelation of how pretty the model they used is. I want to enjoy taking on the role of a protagonist of a game, and if it’s a set character that I have no power of creation over, then you better damn well give me something nice to look at design wise. All these god damned fugly woke SJW pieces of shit that want to remove beautiful from the world pisses me off.

    Just cuz you are a fucking ugly bastard, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to suffer.


    Omg, I completely missed the fat face thing, that’s so weird, why would they do this? I mean, the first Horizon game was pretty woke, but it was still enjoyable if you skipped most of the dialog.


    I have no plans to get the next Horizon. I wasn’t wowed by the first one… The plot was dull, characters were meh, and mechanically speaking tired of open world games. I like certain game styles, but open worlds are too long, too much resource gathering, and too realistic for my liking. And more often that not, there is no score on the open world map, just ambience. That, to me, is boring and antithetical to the idea of gaming entertainment. I’ll take a 2D Metroidvania over an Open World anyday.


    They might fix aloy face… in the gameplay trailer i didn’t even notice it… i only noticed when seeing the “meme”. I don’t even know if that’s real lol but if it is, it’s stupid and i don’t know what’s the deal now with gaming studios wanting us to play with ugly white women… (Returnal karen, now fat boy aloy…)
    But again, i hope they fix it… i think they will.


    I personally don’t care. I probably still wont have PS5 by then, so, I don’t care. It’s just like Horizon 2. I really want that game, but am not excited about it because I can’t get a PS5. So, my interest is dead.

    When I am able to actually get a PS5 I’ll care again. Games like Horizon2 and GOW2 need to be played on a PS5.

    The current state of gaming really puts me off. Games are broken at release and the new consoles are unattainable. I don’t ever care about E3 this year. I am usually very interested, but not anymore. Borderlands 3, Outriders, Marvels Avengers, and Cyberpunk. 4 games I bought, and 4 games that are broken or lackluster TRASH!!!!!!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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