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      So I know there’s a couple of NHL topics on here already, but is it just us few who watch hockey??

      That surprises me, honestly.

      Where’s everyone at??

      We’re about to head into playoffs, and I am PUMPED. My team (Golden Knights) is in the playoffs again for the 4th year in row, which is absolutely fantastic. But so far we also always tend to blow it, so I’m also a little nervous that we’re going to do so, yet again. *eye roll* I hope this year we keep it together!


      Well, the Golden Knights are on the verge of getting the President’s Cup.

      Stanley Cup, watch out… you’re next of their list!


      Hell yeah, hockey is the best sport known to man. Change my mind, you can’t. ;)

      I honestly think that this years Stanley Cup Champion is either going to be Tuggs’ Vegas Golden Knights or my Colorado Avalanche. The two best teams in the NHL hands down.

      There’s a decent chance that a team like the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Washington Capitals can pull through as well with the experience they have, but doubtful.


      My Stanley Cup Final prediction is the Colorado Avalanche vs the Pittsburgh Penguins. MacKinnon vs Crosby, unreal matchup.

      I have the Colorado Avalanche taking the cup in 6 games.

      Who do you guys see going to the cup final this year? And who do you think wins?



      The Avs have taken the President’s Cup for 2021 season.

      Now for the real games to begin!


      Being a sharks fan makes it difficult. Fortunately their still is the Cuda.

      Good games to the rest of ya.


      Seeing highlights with fans in the stands in the us (instead of fake audio clips) was nice to see.

      Sadly, that is not something up here we will get to enjoy.  Montreal has a tentative May 28th (game 6) in which their provincial government says they could have 2,500 fans.

      Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario has so far said NO.

      The Canadian teams when it comes to round 3 & 4, might have to play all games “on the road”, as the border is still closed with full 14 day quarantine still in effect, and our fearless leader has said that until we get 75% vaccination, no opening of the border policy.


        Use to play when I was Younger Tug, loved to watch it, but no fans in the stands just took the air out of it for me. Kings and Ducks were teams I enjoyed growing up in So Cal even going to some camps in the 90’s when I was playing roller hockey. Just not the same without fans, same with college football. Need the fans and everything that goes with a good Boxing match :)


        I’m a Blackhawks fan…

        Kinda hoping the gang could find the groove they were once on in the past, but win or loose….they’re still a great team, I wish them all the best.


        As a Finn I’m a fan of hockey in general but NHL is played at like 3AM my time so I only watch the most interesting games during regular season and try to watch as much as I can during play offs. I don’t have a favorite team tho, I kinda have one team from every play off match-up which I prefer more.

        This season I’ve been following Blackhawks quite a lot because I found their young rebuild team interesting and it was the breakthrough season for Kevin Lankinen who is a friend of mine.


        It has been just over a week since the 2021 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs began.

        Here is how things are shaking up:

        North Division match-ups:

        (#1)Toronto Maple Leafs vs (#4)Montreal Canadiens: Series Tied (1-1):

        Montreal took the first game after a big mess up by Jumbo Joe on the PP. Byron then went in and scored the game winner (1-0 MTL Series Lead). But, Toronto then came out swinging in game 2 and took a controlling 5-1 win (Series Tied). The next 2 games are in Montreal.  It will be interesting to see who can take those next two crucial games.


        (#2)Edmonton Oiler vs (#3)Winnipeg Jets – Jets Lead Series (2-0):

        This has been the most shocking series to watch. The stacked Oilers offense has had an enormous amount of trouble trying to figure out Jets star goalie Hellebuyck. The games have been super close, so I don’t think the Oilers are out of it yet. But man… their offense needs to figure out something soon or they’ll be outta the playoffs faster than you can shake a stick.


        West Division match-ups:

        (#1) Colorado Avalanche vs (#4) St. Louis Blues – Avalanche Lead Series (3-0):

        Aside from the Nazem Kadri head hit on Faulk and the 5 min PP that came for the Blues, after that, the momentum has been on all the Avs side. The Avalanche just have the Blues number in this series. They’ve been able to generate offense from most of their lines, and their big boys have come to play this year. MacKinnon looks unstoppable right now and it’s amazing to watch as an Avalanche fan myself. The Avs have a chance to sweep the Blues this afternoon in St. Louis.

        (#2) Vegas Golden Knights vs (#3) Minnesota Wild – Golden Knights Lead Series (3-1) :

        It was a rocky start for the Golden Knights in game one not being able to score, then having the Wild pop in that OT winner to take the series lead. But after that game it was all Vegas. Stone looked unstoppable and Fleury has been nothing short of amazing for the Knights. It’s been nice as a hockey fan seeing that come back story come to fruition. The Knights have a chance to take the series in 5 games tomorrow night in Vegas.

        Central Division match-ups:

        (#1) Carolina Hurricanes vs (#4) Nashville Predators – Hurricanes Lead Series (2-1):

        The Hurricanes have looked nothing short of dominate in this series. Nashville lost the first two games and came back with a gutsy win in OT a couple nights ago to make this a series. I still think that the Hurricanes probably take this in 5 or 6. But anything can happen in the playoffs.


        (#2) Florida Panthers vs (#3) Tampa Bay Lightning – Lightning Lead Series (3-1):

        This has been the most fun series to watch. Though Tampa is on the verge of taking this series, I still think the Panthers can at least pull off one more W for the lads. With Kucherov and Stamkos back, this has completely changed the dynamic of the Lightning team, and for the better. It feels like anything they touch just turns to gold at this point. They are looking very similar to the team we saw win the Stanley Cup last year. I’d be scared for any team that has to play them in round 2 and going forward (if they get there).


        (#1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs (#4) New York Islanders – Series Tied (2-2):

        This series is another one that has been really back and forth. I feel the Pittsburgh Penguins had the momentum for the first 3 games, but I feel like now its going the Islanders way. I think this series is definitely going 7 games.


        (#2) Washington Capitals vs (#3) Boston Bruins – Bruins Lead Series (3-1):

        Boston has played a great series so far. With that said I don’t think this series is going to be over in 5. Washington is going back home for game 5 tonight. I think having that home ice advantage might give them the momentum back. I still think Boston probably wins this in 6 or 7, but I foresee the Caps winning at least one more.



        What are your thoughts so far on the NHL playoffs?

        Week 1 NHL 2021 Playoffs



        Toronto should (on paper) take the North Division…. if only they can take that emotional win (for their captain) from game two and use it as motivation for the rest of the playoffs… so long as they have not become emotionally drained after that game.



        Why is Kadri still in the league?

        8 game suspension for yet another illegal hit to the head!

        ** ** **

        Talking about a player being injured, Tavares not only got a concussion, but has a knee injury on top of it.

        And no, the contact to the head in this case was not intentional and was an accident.


        Now that the Oilers are gone, do you think McDavid will join Team Canada for the IIHF World Hockey Championship?

        Team Canada can sure use the help, having gone 0-3 for the first time ever in the history of this tournament.


        @Legatus_Legionis I doubt it, he’s been carrying his team for the whole season and seeing how shit Canada is playing probably doesn’t motivate him. Plus I believe there is the quarantine etc so I’d be really surprised if he still joined them.


        So the season starts tomorrow. While I’m not sure how much I’m looking forward to the season with Sharks this season I posted an NHL themed art challenge. I Just curious what everybody is looking forward to this season?

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