NHL doing away with Pride jerseys, other specialty uniforms in warmups

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    NHL doing away with Pride jerseys, other specialty uniforms in warmups

    NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says the league will no longer have teams wear themed jerseys during warmups for Pride Nights or any specialty night games going forward.


    Bettman replied, “but in the final analysis, all of the emphasis and efforts on the importance of these various causes have been undermined by the distraction of which teams, which players (chose not to wear the jerseys), this way we’re keeping the focus on the game and on these specialty nights we’re going to be focussed on the cause.”

    Yay, keep it GAME Centered.

    All should be welcome to watch the game, and not being pressured into a political/social issues that have nothing to do with the game/sport.

    Bettman confirmed “absolutely” that Pride nights will continue and that “32 of our clubs did Pride nights, some do Heritage nights, everybody does Hockey Fights Cancer, some do military nights. All of those nights will continue. The only difference will be we’re not going to change jerseys for warmup because that’s just become more of a distraction from really the essence of what the purpose of these nights are.”


    People against war should not be forced to wear military themed jerseys.

    People against woke agenda should not be forced to wear woke/pride themed jerseys.




    I am so glad the NHL has done the right thing.

    Sports should be about SPORTS.  PERIOD!


      You know people will see this and go around saying “the NHL is anti-gay”.  And that is how they go around spouting the nonsense that anti-gay laws are being installed all over the country and rights are being removed.  It’s hyperbolic 100% nonsense.

      This is all based on essentially the same way the radical left does everything.  They use assumption and propaganda.  They float it that if you are not actively pro you are against.  That is simply incorrect.  People can and are allowed to be indifferent or just not interested.  So like always, when they demand freedom or rights, they are referring to your rights or freedom thy want to take from you.  Just like the pronoun deal.

      Not to mention being proud of your sexuality is odd.  No one cares. That’s between you and God.  If people went around with “straight pride” flags and having straight pride parades and forever getting in gay folks space “saying woooo straight pride b!tches wooooo” they would be upset and rightly so.  Society slightly recoiling from overt sexuality in general is not an attack on gay.  And the straight pride parade is an actual example.  There was one and it was of course attacked and seen as something hateful.  Ironically the marshall of that parade was Milo.  But few seemed the understand the irony.

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