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    Welp that rangers exit was quick. Now that my team is out and ready to disappoint me again with probably no first overall pick, how is everyone else’s teams doing? I’m hoping Arizona goes far because I’d like to see them finally win something.

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    I don’t know what the future for Lundqvist is gonna be.

    I read articles online that his best chance to win a cup is to move elsewhere, as the Rangers are still not considered a “contender”.

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    Also, I was surprised the Oilers 50/50 was sold out by 2:30 AM yesterday, especially since it is only available to residence of Alberta ONLY.


    Seeing this for Lundqvist is absolutely heartbreaking for me. I’ve been wanting him to go to a contender for a few years now because we aren’t able to give him the championship he deserves, but it seems he’s really stubborn and doesn’t want to leave. The fans have been turning on him a bit over the past few years because he can’t carry the rangers useless ass anymore and they’re mad about it for some reason. I’d like to see him go to a team like Toronto or Colorado that need goaltending to get them over the top. One can hope he sees that’s his only shot.


    Boston let Ray Bourque go after his cup dream, since they were not a contenter – he won in Colorado.

    Calgary let Jarome Iginla go after his cup dream, since they were not a contender – he never got a ring.

    Unfortunately I see Henrik Lundqvist being the latter, not the former.


    Even if the latter happens, he could at least be content with the fact that he tried to get there. It hurts to see him go, but with shesterkin and georgiev, he’s the odd man out unfortunately. If he doesn’t want to leave, they’ll buy him out and I’d rather not add to the ranger’s long list of treating veterans like garbage.

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    Winnipeg is now out, after losing to the Calgary Flames.

    The loss of three key players in game 1 was too much to overcome.

    Hopefully the injuries are not that serious that they will not be fully healthy for the start of next season.


    I’ve always like Winnipeg so I’m sad about that. Their players will probably be fine for next year because I doubt we’ll have hockey on a normal schedule. Well probably start late this year or early next year and just have a shortened season.


    Another team is out.


    Florida Panthers has been ousted by the New York Islanders.

    jm73100, guess if you want to follow a NY team, there is still one there, or not.  LOL


    Rangers fans rooting for the islanders is illegal, lol. Always disliked that team. Looks like Florida is probably going to do that fire sale after all. I feel so bad for their fan base.


    I’m expecting the penguins, oilers, and leafs to lose tonight. The leafs just can’t do anything right unfortunately and either the oilers and the penguins are going to get that first pick because we can’t have anything nice.


    Well, the Penguins are gone.

    So are the Predators.

    CBC’s streaming service SUCKS!  (I can’t get the leafs game, guess they know something we don’t).


    Now the Edmonton Oilers are also done, having been beaten by the Chicago Blackhawks 3 games to 1.


    I guess we will have a game 5, at least for the Toronto/Columbus series.


    Vancouver did not want a game 5 in their series with Minnesota, so they went out and beat the wild in overtime to finish this round.


    Toronto wanted a game 5, but sadly, the buds LOST.

    Columbus advances.

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