NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning Are Cheaters (18 Mil Over The Cap)

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    I will not be shocked if the Tampa Bay Lightning end up sweeping the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup Finals. The fact is, the Lightning used cap circumvention to keep most of the same players from last years championship team. That in my humble opinion is absolutely ridiculous. The NHL needs to crunch down on this sort of bogus, or else,  more teams WILL exploit this loophole in the future to have better odds of winning a cup.

    Let me know your thoughts on this trash.

    The Tampa Bay Lightning Are Illegally Circumventing the Salary Cap – (couchguysports.com)


    Tamps is up 2 games to none, heading to Montreal tonight.

    Let see if the Habs can get back into this series.


    Damn, I do hope Montreal can win on Monday.

    Being sweep and it being on home ice is not a good look.

    As much as Tampa wans to win it ASAP, the thought of being able to skate the cup back at home….


    Well, the police are not taking any chances.

    Montreal police ready as Canadiens, Lightning square off ahead of do-or-die Game 4

    Montreal police Const. Véronique Comtois says police will be noticeably present and reassigned to places where the game is being broadcast or where people are gathering.

    “What we want tonight is for people to have their festivities, but we are asking them to respect order and public safety,” Comtois said. “We’re there to make sure everything happens the right way.”

    Good thing this is not happening in one of those cities where the “summer of peaceful protests” happened.

    Can you imagine the protests happening after your team gets swept in the championship series.

    Comtois says police are advising people to put distance between themselves and any potential disturbances to allow police to target any “problematic elements.”

    But then how do you expect them to get that pic/vid to give them their 15-seconds of fame (they don’t deserve 15-minutes, IMO).

    Police made 15 arrests during a rowdy celebration after the Canadiens’ series-clinching victory against the Vegas Golden Knights in late June. Eight police vehicles were vandalized and at least one was overturned.

    And that was when they won? ! ?


    OT win for Montreal.

    Game #5 will be in Tampa on Wednesday.


    The Tampa Bay Lightning are the 2021 NHL Stanley Cup Champions.


    You can’t be a cheater if you’re operating well within the rules set by the league in the collective bargaining agreement. The lightning haven’t broken any rules regarding the cap this year. I don’t like what they did, but not only do teams do this every year, there were several teams this year who did the same thing, just not to the degree Tampa did. I think the rule should be altered, but just because people think the rule is stupid doesn’t mean you can just pretend the rule isn’t there.


    Lightning star Nikita Kucherov trolls haters with ‘$18 million over the cap’ t-shirt

    Kucherov is now adding more fuel to the fire by sporting an “$18 million over the cap” t-shirt.

    I would have included the image of the t-shirt, but it is not yet viewable on go-ogle, and insta-FU won’t allow non-users to see it.



    found one!

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