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    Any takers on this one? Loved Ninja Scroll when it was new, but was really pleasantly surprised when the Animated Series came out and it was every bit as quality as the movie was.  Always surprised that this one never got some amazing action figures. It’s probably for the better because I’d have an entire Ninja Scroll collection if there was more stuff.

    In the lull between the original and any new material there was a release called “Ninja Resurrection” with a character also named “Jubei”. It had very obscure marketing and sort of left the impression that it was a possible sequel to Ninja Scroll. Turns out it was a poor man’s knockoff that had nothing to do with the series – they used the name, the word “Ninja” and hints in the art direction, but terrible flick. It ends in the middle of the story too. -meh-

    Definitely would love more Ninja Scroll content though.


    I checked out Ninja Scroll in December of 2019 and it’s quite surperb and excellent. And fun fact about Ninja Scroll is that it’s Jeremy’s favorite anime.

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    I couldn’t believe it all those years ago when this movie aired on TV in Australia when I was 14, unfortunately when my dad saw the first 5 minutes I wasn’t allowed to watch it 😢, fortunately my brother’s recorded 🙂.

    Since the world is on a censoring spree I’m gonna have to get this before it disappears.


    Ninja Resurrection’s Hero was Yagu Jubei, while Ninja Scrolls was Kibagimi Jubei. Two totally different characters. Although it was marketed in the USA as a sequel because American distributors think American audiences are stupid. There is a Ninja Scroll TV series, but I felt that it wasn’t as good as the movie.

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    On that note the amazing Ninja Scroll The TV Series is available on Blu Ray. It looks terrific – at this point it’s possible it’s the last copy you’d ever buy – I don’t know what 4k could do for the presentation much at this point.

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