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    Ok only 30 minutes left till the direct


    So, I’d say that the Direct was a bit meh. Most of it was ports, the ones that weren’t generally disinterested me (like that wierd EA dodgeball game).

    All in all, the real highlights in my eyes was Samurai Warriors 5, Triangle Strategy, and Skyward Sword HD. I hate to say it, but Splatoon 3 had no meaning to me. I was borderline obsessed with the first Splatoon, enjoyed the second well enough, but I think I’m just plain over Splatoon as a franchise.

    Pyra getting into Smash is ‘whatever’ for me. The only Xenoblade game I’ve played is Xenoblade Chronicles X, so I’d have been more interested if we got Elma from X instead. I don’t dislike Pyra, but she doesn’t excite me either. She’s a character I’ll probably take through Classic mode once and never touch again.

    Funny, as of yet there’s been only two DLC Smash characters I’ve been excited for. Sephiroth, and… I’m sure I’ll get the stink-eye for this one, Byleth.

    Anyway, turning my attention to the Triangle Strategy demo now.


    Still no Bayonetta 3 news.


    Hyped for Skyward Sword (never played it). Praying they add Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD! Haven’t played since GC/Wii and don’t own a Wii U. Those are my favorite Zelda games of all time and I really want to play them again :D


    Overall it was a very good direct. Nothing MAJOR announced, but it was very consistent and offered a lot for everyone.


    Mario Golf was the standout for me. Splatoon 3 was awesome and Skyward Sword HD was a nice surprise


    Yo Ninja Gaiden collection let’s go! ninja-gaiden-master-collection-switch-hero


    Xenoblade 2 is one of my favorite games, so I was excited to see Pyra and Mythra. I’m also excited to see what music will be added. Splatoon 3 also was a great reveal and that Triangle Strategy game sounds intriguing.


    i was deliberately holding out to buy twilight princess and windmaker and buying a wii u just to see if they were going to be on switch, if no news by next week “35th anniversary” then i will just go ahead and buy the wii u


    Were you frozen over like me?


    I heartily agree. I HATED Windwaker at first (I’m still not a fan of cell shading) but in time I came to love the game. Twilight Princess on the other hand I loved from the start and I consider quite possibly the best in the Zelda series.

    I really really really hope they port it over to the Switch. I like Skyward Sword and will preorder it tomorrow, but when I saw that it was the only Zelda game getting a rerelease I was heartbroken.

    I’m hoping that the rumors are true and we get Windwaker and Twilight Princess on Switch. Ocarina of Time would be nice as well but I’m sure the odds are slim.


    Wasn’t really impressed by it, some good things, some bad things, pretty meh.

    The hate thrown at Pyra and Mythra by the pronon people on Twatter increased my hatred towards them by 200% though, it is reaching a level where I would without second thought Thanos snap them all out of existence, with no regrets, no remorse, and a smile on my face. I’m a big XC2 fan.


    Oh? The Pronoun Patrol went after Pyra/Mythra? I’ve a friend still on Twitter and he told me about massive salt about Pyra, though he made it sound like it’s Smash fans and their typical ‘But that’s not the character I wanted!’ kind of outrage. (Pretty much every Smash DLC newcomer brings a wave of salt like that.) Though I suppose Pyra and Mythra are the sort of attractive women the pronouners have a problem with.

    Heh, good ol’ schadenfreude. If they hate her, my approval of her inclusion goes up a tick.


    The Smash Bros. “community” consists of pronon people.


    I also thought the hate was due to her being another sword fighter. How was she hated by the pronoun people?


    Boobies of course, something something “harmful” to female gamers blah blah blah.

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