Nintendo shoots down biggest Mario Kart modding hub

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    For those of you who are involved in or have heard of Mario Kart modding, Nintendo just forced a shutdown of what I view to be the go-to site for Mario Kart modding fans like myself. The Custom Mario Kart Wiiki just posted a notice saying that after battling Nintendo for years, they’re closing their doors and deleting all content on the site. DDayCobra has already made other videos about controversial decisions that Nintendo has made, so I wanted to bring this to his attention. I know modding is something that most developers aren’t friendly to, and I respect that, but this has affected a huge number of people including the 60,000+ users of CTGP Revolution, Mario Kart Wii’s biggest and most popular modpack. I was actually going to tell DDayCobra about CTGP Revolution since he’s a huge Mario Kart head and I thought he would be interested to learn about it, but without the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki, that pack will probably never be updated again. Keep in mind this came not too long after Nintendo shut down GilvaSunner’s YouTube channel which featured thousands of Nintendo songs, which DDayCobra already made a video on and expressed his disapproval for. I just made an account here and this will likely not get much attention, but if anyone reads this I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts on this.

    Edit: The site was back up, so this was probably an april fools prank… my bad


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