No more new houses in parts of Germany

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      I watch this survival type channel by a lovely lady named Lily.   From time to time she posts a video called “The situation in Europe right now” where she updates what’s going on politically in Europe.

      If you think the US has been taken over by authoritarian communists, the truth is Europe is much farther down that path due to the EU.

      Here is a video where she explains how German politicians are outlawing building new single family homes because of the environment (so they say) and are now telling their people they should not eat more than a very tiny amount of meat per day.

      Sound familiar?  Yes, this stuff is going on across the west.  It is not organic nor coincidence that the same things are going on at the same time everywhere.



      Yep, and it’s coming elsewhere too. There will also be fines levied on living in climate unfriendly single family homes. The idea is to squeeze as many people as possible into cities and highrises?

      Because the more removed from nature you are, the less self-sufficient you are. Meaning you are dependent on others for food, for heating, for water. You can’t get water from a nearby stream, and all water you collect or find in a city is poisonous. You can’t grow you own food, you can’t run your own solar on your roof for electricity. You cease being an autonomous human and instead become a pure consumer-slave.

      This also plays into the destruction of the nuclear family. A family needs space. Eventually you will get on each other’s nerves. If you have a garden or space, you have ample opportunity and space to cool off. If you’re stuck in a tiny apartment, the tension will rise and families will divorce at higher rates. More destruction of the family.

      Finally,  since people in cities are dependent on others, they tend to vote left wing. It’s also a lot easier to fake election results in cities.
      Consequently, they want the vast majority of people moving into cities.

      Where they cease to be people.



        Great post, I agree with all of that.

        The thing is, people voting for “free” stuff or those whom have fallen for the propaganda and think that everyone but themselves is an -ist or a -phobe are voting for themselves to become a peasant but they don’t realize it.

        “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”


        …the governing class generally, will never fail for lack of some modern phrase to cover their ancient predominance. The great lords will refuse the English peasant his three acres and a cow on advanced grounds, if they cannot refuse it longer on reactionary grounds. They will deny him the three acres on grounds of State Ownership. They will forbid him the cow on grounds of humanitarianism. — G.K. Chesterton What’s Wrong with the World

        Even back when I was liberal, cities always seemed wrong to me. They seem so disconnected from the real world, and utterly fragile.  Like a plague or a riot can just brutalize a city, and if people stop going into it because of those things, they get real bad, real quick.  The rural area I’m in doesn’t even have good soil, and even in my Dad’s childhood, everyone was a net producer (though  poor as dirt) of something.  It would have taken forever to starve out my dad’s generation out here. It’d probably take a month for a modern city.

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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