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    The thing I like about the books is the chapter structure. You’re in each character’s mind, and you actually feel their humanity. To me, that’s the opposite of woke because there’s a sense of realness there.

    I really hope they go with a full book adaptation Anime like the rumors suggest.



    “Once upon a time a friend of mine presented a theory that GRRM basically used whatever was going on in modern U.S. politics at whatever time he was writing a book as his template. When he displayed all the evidence for me, it was quite compelling, and it certainly explained partially why GRRM was a slow writer, because when U.S. politics did not go his way he ran out of ideas.”

    Martin claims the story is based on the War of the Roses, but you never know.


    One theory I had was with the Greyjoys.

    My theory went like this: The Greyjoys characters represented each music genre that was dominant in George’s life.

    Balon – Country
    Asha- New wave/disco

    Theon- Punk

    Aeron- Surfer rock

    Victarion- Hard rock/Metal

    Euron- Hippie movement.


    Euron is basically Charles Manson when you look at his arc, and what Charles Manson did as a kid/teenager.


    I could go deep in this because I’m actually fascinated with the Greyjoys.


    he uses a lot of things.

    His life, mythology, historical events. ect.

    Honestly, how our society is now, he might be afraid to release it.


    Martin claims the story is based on the War of the Roses, but you never know.


    I’m not gonna contest that, but all I will say is that from all I’ve seen in the past few years, GRRM is not a reliable source on really anything, heh. The man seems to talk out of both sides of his mouth.

    What I will say with the confidence of personal experience is that all writers find influence from something. Even when we come up with a new original idea, its seeds were always taken from a different plant for the inspiration. Humanity has been telling stories for thousands of years, so almost all kinds of ideas are out there already. At this point we just take them apart and recombine them in different and hopefully newer ways.


    You have to keep in mind that the world has gone full woke since GRRM finished his last book. My theory is he is having trouble editing to avoid any microaggressions to appease the woke crowd. I would imagine there will be alot of LGBTQ+ characters and other woke tropes inserted into the newest book. That’s what’s holding him up so much. Same with Patrick Rothfuss.

    But, at this point it’s been so long that I’ve lost interest and any hope that the series will be completed.

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    Jon Connington already have chapters coming up.

    Not to mention, Loras Tyrell arc that’s off screen.



    I’m editing my own book currently. There are some of us out there.


    I’m editing my own book currently. There are some of us out there.

    Indeed. Indeed.

    No matter how many times we edit, there is always room for another revision. I just started another edit session (4th one for what’s currently on the table), and I was already struck with inspiration to change lines here and there on what I had already thought was fine, and what I’ve changed this time around has made me even happier.

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      Big shout out to Terry Goodkind’s novels.


      One of my fav books growing up was the Vlad Taltos Collection with the first book Jhereg… by Steven Brust all fantasy.


      Non woke garbage. Pretty much all of the SW Expanded universe books. Cant comment on the comics as I dont have any.

      Dragonlance. Any other books from Weis & Hickman. I hear they recently sued WotCrackpipe over a contract didpute so maybe the forthcoming books will be woke free.


      Wheel of Time.

      Davis Eddings: the ellenium / tamuli trilogies

      Look for an author named Joshua Dalzelle. He has three series running right now. Omega force is the chronicals of a random retired service member who gets abducted then steals the alien ship. Campy as hell but there are good reads. I think there are 12 books complete in that series. The second series is in the same universe and its the son of the 1st character and his earthbound GF. The 1st one of that is called marine. This series may be ready to drop book 3 soon if it hasnt already. His third series is set in a different universe and its best described as submarine warfare in deep space. Its still humans being the main characters but instead of being somewhat modern times its 1000 + years in the future and earth has colinized a masive chunk of the galaxy. Alien invasion of the colonies is the backdrop of this series, its in its third trilogy now book 2 should drop soon.

      Critical Drinker: Will Jordan. Yes he is a published author.

      Steve Alton: the Meg. The film sucked ass and stole from some three different books.

      Brandon Sanderson. All of his stuff is interconnected on some mythical level. What I have is good. I need to get the rest.


      “Brandon Sanderson. All of his stuff is interconnected on some mythical level. What I have is good. I need to get the rest.”

      Brandon Sanderson is decent. But let’s talk about his magnus opus the Stormlight Archives series. His climaxes at the end of his books are amazing and epic and I quite enjoyed Kaladin’s story about him leading the bridgemen in war and eventually becoming well respected and admired. Then eventually powering up to becoming stormblessed. Problem with Kaladin’s story is his incessant whining. It’s unbearable after a while.

      My next problem is with the other characters. Particularly Shallan and Jasnah. Their chapters were a slog to get through.

      I picked up the latest book in the series since I still enjoyed reading about Kaladin but Oathbringer barely has Kaladin in it at all. I didn’t even get through the book and don’t plan to continue.


      As far as Sanderson is concerned Ive read the Mistborn stuff & the last 3 books of WoT.

      I havent started in on the Stormlight books yet.


      Earlier I had mentioned how it is incredibly difficult to find a modern fantasy novel with a female main character that is any good. So, I thought I would give a recommendation of one of the few fantasy novels with a female protagonist that was beyond expectations and one of the best series I’ve read. That series is the self published web series Worm. You can read the whole series for free so check it out.

      Worm came out in 2013 so it is free of any woke propaganda. The series tells the hero’s journey of a teenage girl, who grows up in a world where superheroes and villains are real and who develops the ability to control insects. The series is dark, gruesome and the main arc wrestles with having a god-like superhero similar to Superman or Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen. The characters and world-building in this web series is phenomenal. Highly recommend.

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