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    Wokeness in gaming is nothing new, its been going on since 2013 after the events of gamergate. GamerGate won the battle but in the end we lost the war. Because the game publishers themselves bent the knee and there were an obvious top down change in the industry. At current day we got a good thing going with Youtube channels pointing out the hypocrisy and standing up, but it seems no one is interested in letting go of the woke infested industry and create our own games for a change. I’ve been working in the game’s industry for 14 years as a 3D Artist/Programmer. It seems at current day there is absolutely no team (even indie) that is not afraid to stand up to the woke. No one is interested in anti-woke game production either. Not sure if these teams are so buried I cannot find them or they simply don’t exist. What do you guys think? Shouldn’t we just stop complaining and actually start making things?

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      I think the problem is that ,like many things, much of the industry is controlled by very few companies.  So if they decide to push something it appears as that’s the way of the market.  But in this case (as is the case of all the woke stuff) it’s the tail wagging the dog. No one asked for it nor is their even a mass market for it.  It’s more propaganda than entertainment.

      The first time someone makes something anti-woke and it makes millions I think the tide will start to turn which is why they try so hard to gatekeep.  Because at the end of the day money is what moves the needle.

      Hell look at the approximately 15-20mil raised for the truck convoy in Canada. I know that’s not exactly the same thing but it shows the willingness of the people to give their money to something they actually want to get behind.  And that was just donations, they did not get a product in exchange.

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      Check out Acquitted on steam. It’s a small game about Kyle Rittenhouse. Steam Reviews has been “Overwhelmingly Positive” which gives me some hope for the future.


        The problem is that every normal venue will cancel them.

        They always tell us “Don’t like it, go make your own”. Well, people did that, and then they did everything they could to cancel and or shut that down. Servers were cancelled, Twitter cancelled, Advertising black out, Banking denied, Paypal cancelled, etc. Utter and complete discrimination, blatant bias. But they get away with it because they control all the large corporations.

        Sure, it would be great to have non-woke devs and games without nonsense checkmarks and one sided agendas injected, but you’ll have to go to Japan to get that now days. I miss the days where I could play as a scantily clad powerful female (Bloodrayne, Lara Croft, Bayonetta, etc) and not be sick of “woman good, man bad” storylines with censored clothing and identity politics. I miss when a woman being sexy wasn’t a crime. I really could give a shit what someone else thinks of me enjoying half naked females in games. It’s called ENTERTAINMENT! Didn’t they say something very similar to “Don’t like it, don’t play it”? Well, they didn’t like it, didn’t play it, but thought to ruin it for everyone else and shut it all down anyway. How tolerant and diverse of them.


        “Shouldn’t we just stop complaining and actually start making things?”

        I am in the business of doing just that. On an indie level this works well, too. However, in order to go big, you have to consider certain realities. If your product isn’t woke, you will not receive coverage by any mainstream media. Capcom was threatened that if they didn’t censor various aspects of Street Fighter 5’s sexyness (i.e cammy’s original intro), various outlets would refuse to cover the game entirely. This extends to sponsorships for events as well. And of course there is shadowbanning on youtube. There’s a reason indie games no longer get significant views on their trailers.

        The problem is also that if you position your game outside of the traditional media, at best you will have some American right wing celebrities like Ben Shapiro or so plugging it. Only their audience isn’t gamers. And for what few customers you may get from them, you will lose tens of thousands internationally, because the cordon sanitaire built around your product, the cultural boycott if you will, is international.

        The woke mafia is well connected. They don’t just hit you in the US, they hit you worldwide.

        That being said, if any graphic or texture designer is up for some mini work on a project, hit me up. Can’t pay much, but it’s for a decidedly non woke cause.

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