Non Woke tv shows to watch [Request]

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    SG1 was plenty woke.

    Sam was a feminist. Right out the gate she goes on a feminazi tirade on jack.

    Woke has been being injected into shows for decades. Even as far back as the 70s. It was just a lower dose back then, and like a addict the dose has gotten bigger and bigger with time until now when every show has to have 3 fags & 5 dykes in every episode. And you are expected to cheer for them not criticize them as the perverts they are.

    And if my comment about fags & Dykes disturbs anyone please accept the following apology,… … … Fuck off.




    I remember a much later SG1 episode, where an alternate version of Sam pokes fun at her opening tirade. That didn’t seem woke. :)


    Bit of a late reply, but I have a whole list of non-woke TV (with caveats) that you can work through here –,desc&st_dt=&mode=detail&page=1





    Just a heads up that the last 1-2 seasons of Peaky Blinders has become woke.

    Yellowstone started getting quite ruined in the last season as well, with the whole “Femme powah” and “green push” thing.

    Mad men, at around halfway from season 2 or season 3, becomes pure hot garbage, with everyone fucking everyone and every marriage being destroyed and housewives screwing men like mad. It was just not interesting at all anymore.

    House of Cards was good, until they started pushing Claire as the new lead character (again, the whole “Femme powah” bullshit).

    To those who haven’t yet watched, I wholeheartedly recommend “The Terminal List”, though. I hope it gets more seasons and hope it doesn’t go woke.


      I watch the most random stuff, but i will toss out there,

      Ugly Americans

      Mayor of Kingstown



    Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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