Over 1000 Subs, and The Name Calling Continues

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    Curious, why is it that when you are game-streaming you get bots, but when you are in a group discussion, bots are few and far between?


    @Legatus_Legionis The mysteries of the algorithm.


    Congrats on reaching 1000 subs @Roas 👏🎉🤩😎👍🙌🏻


    @MrBidwell Thanks! You and so many others who were there from the start are a part of the reason I beat the clock to get qualified for monetization within the year.

    I’m honestly still a little in shock it just happened. Now I sit back and wait for the monetization process to run its course and hope for the best.

    These forums were the perfect starting ground for me to get to know all of you, and it proves that G+G serves a purpose for as a gathering place for all of us as well as supporting anyone who wants to get started in this sort of endeavor. All you need to do is put the time in, work hard, be yourself, and get to know those who you hope to engage.

    And, I started the copyright process this morning, so hopefully I’ll be able to make the first chapter of my book available soon.

    Guess it’s time to retire this thread, heh. Long past under 400 subs.



    1K subscribers

    100,000+ views!

    500+ videos.

    1 expected chapter.

    I think that sums it up nicely.

    SO now you have something extra special to celebrate New Years with… along with a steak!….




    Come celebrate this milestone on today’s celebration stream!

    And give our @Roas a pat on the back, and a sub if you haven’t already.


    Woo hoo!

    Check being called a Right Winger off the list!

    Do I lean right? Yeah, obviously. In reality, I’m a pretty easy going conservative minded individual, especially when it comes to fiscal matters. Socially, you do you…just leave me alone, that’s my operating mind set.

    God damn these SJWs are stupid. Even more stupid if they think it really gets a rise out of me.

    Also, changed the title of the thread so it can be accurate and live on.

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    Oh NO!

    is checking off boxes!  Guess we need to check off the “check-off” box too.  LOL




    A Spider is hunting for Pigeons? ! ?

    What a bizarro world.

    To see who wins, come watch as Spider-Man (aka @Roas / The Renaissance Nerd):



    Come join us live, or watch the show later (or both)



    @Roas because of your limited hours left on SL, is there gonna be a Spidey-Game this week?


    @Roas because of your limited hours left on SL, is there gonna be a Spidey-Game this week?


    Videogame streams are unaffected because I either stream off my PS4 (Spider-Man) or OBS (Crusader Kings 3 and future games). The streaming hours limit is on Streamyards until I get a sub.


    Well…I’ve been rejected for monetization….now I have to figure out why and reapply…

    Looks like I’m going to lose all my watch hours and have to start fresh on Feb 3rd…

    …they aren’t even clear on what I was rejected.

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    If I would hazard to guess, it is because as a leftist biased platform, alot of your honest opinions on shows does not align with their toxic extreme alt-left agenda.


    All I can do right now is try to look at this logically.

    Logic Point #1:

    For 9 months I was shot gunning with my content to try and get traction. I talked about alot of things that barely anyone looked at, making it hard to qualify what the Main Theme was of the channel, something they look at. I may have had over 500 videos, but it was not focused content the likes of which I’ve narrowed down to over the past 2 months.


    Logic Point #2:

    Some of my shotgun attempts at traction took me away from what I was interested in doing. I like reviewing, I like discussing, I like giving an opinion. At some points I veered into news content, and that’s not what I am about. I’m about talking, not reporting, and some of that stuff I reported on was not stuff YT liked. Therefore, that could have been a mark.


    Logic Point #3:

    I might have cussed too much in the early days. I’ve ratcheted back on the F bombs now.


    Logic Point #4:

    The reviewers are fucking lazy and saw hundreds of videos with low views and interaction, and decided I was not good enough, ignoring the major traction I’ve gotten in the past 2 months.


    In the end, all I can do…and have done already as I see it, is clean out all the old irrelevant content from most of last year and hope I catch what was keeping me from being monetized. The worst part of it all is they say “Review our feedback and make changes” but the feedback is worthless without telling me exactly why I got dinged out.

    The next biggest problem is that because there is a 30 day cool down to reapply….I’m gonna lose my watch hours, which means Feb 2022 is going to be a hard push to rebuild those watch hours as quickly as possible so I can try again.

    Needless to say, I’m pretty bummed out today. I’ll get over it, but this just sucks.

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