Over 1000 Subs, and The Name Calling Continues

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    Good news!

    My watch hours were still active today as the monetization Re-apply button went live.

    So…reapplied for monetization. Didn’t make any major changes to the videos that survived my purge.

    Here’s hoping I get through it this time. If I don’t, then I’ll look closer at what’s still left on the channel and make more adjustments.

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    Hopefully you get monetize ASAP.










    Not monetized again.

    Taking steps…again…to get ready for another attempt in March. Removing older unimportant streams. Gonna have to gut a few important videos (WoT Reviews mainly), but after a conversation I might use those removed videos to make a premiere on Rumble when I take them down.

    So frustrating. Why can’t they just tell me what exactly breaks the policy?

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    I agree with the level of frustration and lack of communication with y-tube.

    Their vaguely worded terms/etc. is deliberate, IMO, so that they can fcuk with content creators so they can censor with their biased agenda when/if the time comes.

    After all, content creators are just not their priority.

    Hopefully you can get monetized ASAP.

    Don’t give up, for that is exactly what they want… profit off your vids and not having to pay you for it.


    Could it because because of the swearing?

    And can you edit your swearing out of your vids, or do you have to reload the WHOLE vid?











    Thank you for having me on last night. I enjoyed it😁.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 126 total)
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