Over 1000 Subs, and The Name Calling Continues

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    It was great to have you on the panel, @DragonLady

    Can’t wait for your next visit to the Round Table.



    Thank you very much😁. First time that I’ve ever live-streamed outside using normal vid chats on FB but I think I was able to learn quickly enough how to use it😊

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    Right now I feel like the safest and strongest route to growing the channel as I gear up for another attempt to get monetized in 3 weeks is to keep gaming. A lot of you have been really enjoying and interacting with me a lot as I play these past few weeks, so I want to keep giving you that kind of entertainment…and I love gaming.

    That being said, while you all probably know I am not a fan of G RR Martin, and have had little interest in Elden Ring up to this point. However, events happening in my personal life have me filled with a greater fire than ever to grow and strengthen the channel so that when I do get monetized it will chug long for all the purposes I need it too, and that kind of effort requires me to put aside my bias against GRRM for the greater good of the channel.

    As an RPG guy, Elden Ring is a big time RPG that I probably cannot ignore right now. So, I’m thinking of putting aside my feelings against GRRM and taking up the game for the good of the channel.

    But, I’ll only do it if my audience wants it. Therefore, if you frequent my channel, or decide you might want to check it out, I’ve got a poll up to put this in the hands of the people.

    If you are interested, please vote on whether or not you want me to take up Elden Ring.

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    As a non computer RPG player, I have no idea what the game is/isn’t.

    So I will leave it to others to vote on.



    @Legatus_Legionis You’ll like my suffering…I’ll probably be dying…ALOT!


    I was curious about something, and I got my answer this morning.

    So, I know I take a chance being open with everyone. And when I mean open, I mean giving my subscribers and those perhaps hovering around my channel a window into my life, brief glimpses as it were. That when I give information about what’s going on concerning Real Life and how the channel may or may not be effected, or tell a story to give meaning to some of my actions, I take a chance that it doesn’t come off well. I choose to be real with everyone and be as upfront as possible, because that’s the only way I know how to be…a normal person.

    I did that the past couple of days when there was a chance I would need to pull back on how much time I could be a YouTuber and go back to working in kitchens as a chef for a few months to help deal with a situation. Fortunately, things settled down in a way that I can still keep my focus on the channel and keep pushing towards monetization, which will be more beneficial for everyone concerned than a return to the hellish, soul killing life of working in the culinary industry.

    Last night when I live streamed some Crusader Kings 3, I was chatty about all of this, because I believe in what Howard Stern said, when he was still Howard Stern and not this piece of garbage we know see, that when you are on “radio” (which YouTube basically is) you have to put it all out there to connect with the people.

    But as I said, I was curious how being upfront with this would be received.

    I am both surprised and not surprised.

    First, I’m genuinely surprised how good, normal people instantly replied with support and best wishes. Those who verbalized support only know me as a guy on a screen, yet they behaved as normal, kind people and gave me pats on the back with understanding support.

    And then I wasn’t surprised when, for lack of a better description, my primary SJW stalker reappears as he does every few days and spews more of his vile shit in my comments section concerning the events of the past few days. Not an ounce of human compassion. Just more hollow, disgusting SJW rhetoric filled with hatred.

    SJWs truly are putrid fucking soulless scumbags who delight in the suffering of others, because they are nothing but hate filled pieces of shit…and I’ve given this guy the one time attention that I sometimes do to cut them down…so I won’t give him what he wants and interact…but…

    ….SJWS are so fucking stupid, thinking they are winning and they are the majority! This fucking moron doesn’t even see he is the only one trying to take me down! That is one insignificant Dislike or pathetic comment is never supported. Doesn’t even realize he’s outnumbered and despised! Doesn’t even FUCKING REALIZE ALL HE DOES IS FIRE ME UP MORE TO CRUSH EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE FUCKING SJW FUCKTARDS WITH TRUTH AND LOGIC!



    FUCK ‘EM!


    You had already shared, and multiple times, that you used to work as a chef, and had the education behind it.

    Very early on, you even had some vids where you shared some of your cooking.

    That you have a skill you still enjoy doing at home, is great for you.

    If ever you host a party, I am sure everyone will be talking about how AWESOME the food is, and how they could never come close to recreating it.


    We also knew about your not satisfactory attempt at working overseas.  That fact you had the guts to do so, shows alot of character and determination.  A willingness to do something most people would never contemplate, yet alone do.  Cross state, or cross nation, yay.  But to a completely different country and culture.  That says alot of you as a person.


    That you have bills and a life outside of the internet/twatter/y-tube, anybody can understand.  We all live in the real world, something your sjw stocker is delusional about.

    Having an unexpected expense is also nothing new.  Everyone I know (including myself) have had one in the past.  It is just apart of life.  Real people deal with it.


    And @Roas when you look back at some of your most viewed, most liked videos, it was because you where honest, truthful and being yourself.  You reviewed a film/tv show/episode, with clear insight of the material.

    They were your words about your opinion.  Not written by someone else, nor someone else’s thoughts/words.  You are not a paid shill of hollywood, but a fan and human being.  And it shows.

    People WANT honest opinions, and honest reactions.

    And it is always easier to be honest, than to be always telling lies and trying to remember those lies as you add more lies on top of the lies already told, etc.


    Forget about the sh!t disturbers.  They want nothing better than to take someone down to their level of filth.  The LOWEST common denominator, and they are indeed the LOWEST of the low, while you and most people, are above them in so many things.  IQ, education, hobbies, friends, real life, etc.

    You be you.





    No Witcher 3 tonight. I’ve decided to rest up for the next few hours and power up Elden Ring at Midnight.


    I created a [PLAY THRU] Elden Ring.

    Sadly, it is too late at night for me to watch it live.

    Catch it later, I hope.


    @Legatus_Legionis No worries. It’s totally late and outside the normal channel hours, but…special occasion.

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      Enjoyed this thread from the start. Been so busy with work I dont get to be around or reply as often as I wish. But had to chime in.

      Roas, I have been on the internet since 1989 well little earlier but Social Internet AOL-pay-to-play Same screen name in fact, so it would not take long for people to look me up or what I have done or do. I say this to tell you in 33ish years I have learned a few things.

      1st Do not worry about people and what they think negatively unless what they are saying negative is true, then take it as a positive and correct the problem.

      2nd There is always trolls and just ban them.

      3rd. Be yourself, if you are who you are online and offline you will connect with far more people and have a lot more credibility

      4th. You have a responsibility to people who look up to you, to be honest.

      5th. Stay humble.

      6th. All women are super models

      7th. All men are from John Holmes family tree

      8TH there is nothing bad in this world if you learn something from it.

      You are doing good, i just wish i had more time to watch them and comment more. But someone thought retiring would give  him that time only to find out I work more now in my retirement job then I did running a company. Never retire it sucks!






      This was the glitch I was telling you about the other week that I had on ‘Assassins Creed: Black Flag’😂. I had originally played this by borrowing it from a friend on PS4 and I had enjoyed it so much (from what I briefly played) that I wanted to get it but I ended up getting other games instead. I finally got it when we went shopping a couple of months ago and this is a second hand copy that I got for the Switch. I also read the book that I got a while back which I enjoyed and got since I had more of a chance in finishing the book than the actual game😂. But yeah this guy was half in and half out of the rooftop and fortunately I managed to send a pic to my friend for laughs😂. After spending a week watching the late 90’s TV series of ‘Hornblower’ (which I highly recommend btw) I’ve now got a sudden urge to go back to ‘Black Flag’😂.


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