Oh, So We’re Not Defunding the Police Now?

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    Screenshot_2021-03-24 Defund the police What it means for Denver and who supports it

    March 22, 2021 Boulder Colorado- police arrest a supporter of ISIS who kills Americans.


    Oh… so we’re not de-funding the police anymore? Where is the blm protest about the evil police?

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    The defund the police nonsense was yet another knee jerk reaction that was NOT thought out, just like half the garbage going on right now in the current administration.


    It is selective funding.

    While they must stand down while rioting and looting goes on (except at congress).

    But when there is an active shooter, all the funding in the world must be given to them.


    You average citizen cannot be protected, while the elites/criminals are private security that at times equals what the local police have.


    It is “a moving goal post” to what ever fits their agenda/narrative at the time.


    CO already has all of the Unlawful anti Bill of Rights laws in place that the DNC have claimed for 90 years must happen to stop crime.

    Yet ISIS had a Syrian ‘refugee’ who was known to the FBI as a loose canon – who wanted to shoot up a Trump rally last year (that was canceled due to WuFlu) and allowed him to remain on the streets. Seems to me that if the FBI did their job for once instead of supporting these fucks crime would drop off a cliff.

    Secondly more than half of the ‘mass shooter events’ turn out to be people where the FBI should have done something based on tips or interactions with the perp. And they did nothing to stop them. All of them are DNC voters.



    But then how will they get to promote their toxic extreme leftist/communist agenda without these “events” to warrant trampling on the constitution and the amendments?


    They will never stop the false flags. They will only get reckless with them. Like 6 in 7 days.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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