One of the dumbest Clone Wars moments

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    Some fans love the Original Trilogy, others are Old Republic hardcore fans, and for me the heart of Star Wars lies in the Clone Wars and the prequel era.
    However, I cannot deny the fact that the clone wars series has some very stupid moments and the one I’m talking about here gets the cake.

    It’s when Obi-Wan tells Anakin and Ahsoka of the attack on Coruscant and how they can quickly hyperspace to the battle.

    Ahsoka’s words then are totally fuckin stupid from beginning to end, making no sense at all.

    -“That’s it? You’re going to abandon Bo Katan and her people?”
    Obi-Wan has to explain the obvious, that the fucking capital of the Republic is under attack and if she cares about innocent people then there are many on Coruscant who need help.
    Ahsoka becomes very unlikeable.

    -“I understand that as usual you’re playing politics. ”
    -“No. Chancellor Palpatine needs you.”
    In response to Obi-Wan that the people of Coruscant need them. Holy shit! Ahsoka is so stupid in this scene!


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    Or, Ahsoka was starting to figure out Palpatine was not who he seemed and suspected his kidnapping might be a trap… which it was


    She didn’t suspect anything. She didn’t believe Maul when he pointed out that everything is orchestrated.


    She didn’t belive Anakin would turn to the dark side, or didn’t want to belive it


    You missed the part where Order 66 is executed and she still thinks it’s all Maul’s doing.


    TCW08 is contradictory and violates existing canon in so many ways its not even worth the time to finish it.

    That Cowgirl Felony and his cronies got this wrong too is not a surprise.


    Remember when George Lucas himself cared so little about the EU that he scrapped the entire Clone War era EU in 2005 so he could do his own stories? And only after that did he hire Filoni to help him on the project? Me too. To every real Star Wars fan, George Lucas decides what’s canon and what isn’t, so they didn’t violate anything but fanfiction.


    You missed the part where Order 66 is executed and she still thinks it’s all Maul’s doing

    Really, i missed it?

    Do you really think Ahsoka would’ve freed Maul if she really thought he was behind order 66?

    “is this your doing?”, i think when Ahsoka ask Maul this she’s perfectly aware it’s not him, but she still, like i said before, doesn’t want to belive what’s really going on, because if she belived that, she would have to belive Anakin could go to the dark side


    Keep licking the boot child.
    The books are 1000 times better than that fucking cartoon.


    😁 You’re free to passionately defent the EU whenever you want @MrDragonbane, but might i suggest you make sure there’s actually something to defend it from? Wheter the books or the cartoon is better is irrelevant to me in this thread, ’cause i am not comparing them, i’m just analysing Ahsoka’s behavior during order 66, the psychology behind how characters behave, that’s what i’m interested in 🧠, and it’s probaly what i’ll be interested in when i one day read the books and get to know the EU characters

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    There are quite a few EU books written to merge with TCW03 timeline. The timeline that dipshit keeps shitting on.
    Of those the clone books written by Karen Travis have some of the best character devlopment and most important to lore ACTUALLY build up the universe. Only a handful of jedi in the entire four book set and they are all new never seen in the films or if in the films are background.

    These books are built on 50 years later with other books that are involving the Solo twins


    Thanks for the book recommendations, i actually like 2003 Clone Wars just as much as 2008, CW03 has one of my favorite scenes with Anakin and Obi-Wan in it


    Doesn’t matter how good you think the books are Cowgirl David, if Lucas says it isn’t canon, it’s not canon. End of discussion.


    Cartoons are shit for bitches who cant read.


    I’m not sure what the writers thought, but it could be that she was just totally cynical about the Jedi order by that point. Maybe she thought they should spare more and weren’t being truthful.


    Remember why she left the order. She thought the Jedi had become empty shells for the senate and wouldn’t even protect their trusted own.

    Even with all that, I thought it was still a little harsh, but at least I can see where the thread of thought may have stemmed from.

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