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    Lets have a discussion for fans of the One Piece manga. Are you current and up to date with the manga? What are your favorite arcs?

    Been a huge fan of One Piece for years, but haven’t gotten into the Manga until 2018, but definitely love the art style more in the manga than I do in the anime, and I am loving Wano so far. What are your thoughts of the Wano arc so far?


    I am a huge One Piece fan. I started watching the anime almost 20 years ago, and switched to the manga when the time skip happened.

    I feel like the Wano Arc has been going on forever. I haven’t totally hated it, but I’m glad we’re in the climax, now. I’m ready for Luffy to face Kaido and level up again.


    Same here, not gonna lie the flashback definitely left me feeling a bit bored, but it’s picking back up and getting me excited again. It’s actually going much faster than what I expected so I think Oda probably noticed the criticisms the flashbacks had and kicked it into high gear.


    Oda did say earlier this year that “the end of the manga is in sight.”

    What his definition of the end is, who knows, because let’s be honest….OP is going to go on forever!


    We can only hope, his best work have been recent. I assume it has another 5 years or so left. Hoping for even more, as long as he doesn’t stretch the storytelling out.


    Started to read the manga during punk hazard or the start of dressrosa (anime) been up-to-date since then,

    the wedding cake during  big mom (alle the theories) and the katakuri fight was superb but that was mostly it for me during that arc, wano arc has been a blast, nearly every chapter has delivered, and finally luffy has the captain coat on !


    finally luffy has the captain coat on

    I know. I am fully appreciating that little addition to his outfit.


    Yeah loving Wano as well that last chapter was great.


    Definitely cool to see Luffy with his captain cloak and a look at what his Pirate King outfit will probably look like.


    I have no idea what’s gonna happen next chapter.


    I have enjoyed Wano ready to read the next chapter I have no idea where its going.  I have been watch the anime forever and started read the manga at Thriller Bark arc.


    While I haven’t read the One Piece manga, I have seen parts of the anime.  For the manga, I honestly watch Tekking 101s chapter review videos because that man is fun, eccentric and has a lot of good fan theories.


    I read a lot of One Piece manga but I stopped like 10 years ago – it just goes on forever and I got bored. I had PDFs of hundreds of issues on a hard drive that crashed. Helped me learn a lot of Japanese words and kanji.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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