Optimistic/uplifting TV series for a tumultuous world

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    What TV series would you folks recommend to give your spirit a little boost during these troubled times?

    Recently rewatched Star Trek DS9. Some of my other recommendations would include:

    The A-team

    MacGyver (the 80s series)

    The Orville

    Star Trek TNG

    Star Trek TOS



    I wouldn’t recommend DS9 to someone who is depressed or borderline depressed. The rest of your list is truly optimistic stuff. I would also ad Star Trek Continues to that list.

    I also like Walker, Texas Ranger. Chuck Norris is a great, positive guy.

    I would recommend the cartoon series Alvin and the Chipmunks for younger audiences, if you want to raise your children with optimism and positivity.


    Married with Children!


    I liked the show The Strain!  If the world is going to go to hell, let it go to hell with Vampires!


    Damn, Niko – that image with the eyeball is about as dystopian as it gets. I’m having trouble being convinced that it’s an optimistic show.


    I love this show, and now that i know how much it pisses off SJWs, i love it even more 🤣


    There’s a bunch of Star Wars The Clone Wars episodes i’ll watch on repeat when i need to un-fry my brain


    I agree with The Orville and the original Star Trek.


    It is not optimistic… but it is dang good and it will help you escape the nonsense of the real world.


    Recently finished Walker, Texas Ranger as suggested by Route_69 and for the most part it is a very positive series. Any more suggestions?


    I watched an episode of Walker a while back and while it was cornier than I remembered, a few things stood out to me… the onscreen chemistry between the cast was first rate, the show was very uplifting, and was clearly designed for a broad audience while it maintained a conservative theme.


    Burn Notice, Psych, Leverage, and Quantum Leap.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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