Other names for Thor 4

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    The goal is simple. Provide an alternate title for Thor: Love and Thunder 🤢. Don’t hold back.

    Thor: Stunning and Brave


    Thor: so insane and also very romantic

    ”It is so insane and it’s also very romantic’ – Taika Waititi says on the romance in “Thor: Love and Thunder”


    Thor: Gods Of Thunder ⚡💖



    Thor: Calling it Quits

    Thor: Jane handles the hammer well

    Thor: Do you guys even like Jane?


    Two that I’ve seen online include

    Thor: Woke and Broke
    Thor: Love and Blunder

    Two other titles that I thought up:

    Thor: WTF
    Thor: Please see this movie


    Thor: What to expect in phase four and beyond.

    Thor: It can’t be worse that Dark World, can it?

    Thor: The attack on masculinity continues.


    Thor:  Dark Fate


    Thor:  Tiny and Weak


    I fear the next movie will not have a lot of Hemsworth in it.  😥




    Good titles… as far as Hemsworth goes, they haven’t been shy about mentioning the cast of this movie and yet they have been rather tight lipped about Hemsworth’s presence which is not encouraging.

    I decided long ago that it would take a small miracle for me to am see this train wreck even if my hero is included in the film.

    I strongly suspect that the reason they have made a big deal over the casting is desperation “look we have Batman in an MCU movie please give us your money”.

    It seems to me that they’re hoping we either will forget about the wokeness until it’s too late or that we’ll overlook it.


    Thor: Loki… Who’s That?
    Thor: Dull and Nauseating

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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