Parents were demonized for demanding schools reopen sooner…they were right

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    Parents were demonized for demanding schools reopen sooner. Now, we know they were right.

    In 2020 and 2021, parents across the United States said repeatedly and passionately that keeping schools closed because of the pandemic would hurt student achievement.  Now, the results are in – and they’re not good.

    What did they find?

    … for America’s 9-year-old students. This year, average scores fell 5 points in reading and 7 points in math compared with 2020. It’s the largest decline in reading scores in three decades and the first drop in math ever recorded.

    A dumber student is more easily indoctrinated.  Mission accomplished!

    … a study in December 2020 noting that students could lose an average five to nine months of learning – with students of color falling the furthest behind – many districts kept their doors shut.

    And yet, many school districts did just that.

    If students in states that predominantly kept schools closed and locked down – like California – suffered greater learning losses than students in states like Florida that quickly reopened their schools, it would speak volumes regarding the damage that lockdowns inflicted on educational achievement.

    Which early reports are saying has happened.

    Rather than preventing harmful lockdowns and demanding that schools reopen, the Biden administration (and Attorney General Merrick Garland) instead decided to attack parents who had the temerity to express opposition…

    Once again, Big Brother/government is showing they are out of touch with reality.

    Neither the Justice Department nor the school boards association should have spent a single second demonizing parents who exercised their constitutional rights. Instead of attacking parents, school boards should have spent more time listening to them and safely reopen their schools much more swiftly than they did.

    Unfortunately, parents can take little solace in saying, “I told you so.” With the learning losses they have suffered, students could pay the price for school boards’ wrong-headed decisions for years, if not decades, to come.

    But at least the test results confirm what most parents have felt for the past two years: Never again should we lock children out of the classroom.

    Until the next one, and the lessons will have been forgotten, or more likely ignored, so they can disadvantage the students in their care.


    Our schools Went from In-person education to Online after the 15 day Bull shit, They went back to in-class the next school year not missing a beat.

    All these reports would find the same damn thing regardless of the Coof. This is another “thing to blame” but does not address the actual culprit.

    So what is the actual problem?


    99% of people have no clue how bad it is in schools for the teachers to actually do their jobs, that is why there is a lack of them and even larger lack of substitute teachers.

    1. We have MANY kids that English is their Second Language, which is really English is not spoken or barely. Yes you can read that ILLEGALS. Those kids though no fault of their own for being here (their parents and our governments is at fault for breaking our nations laws) are taking teachers time from educating US Citizens kids (that is your kids that are suffering).

    2. There are kids who go to school and are just there filling space and not even trying. Use to be those kids could be expelled, but not anymore unless they cause enough problems of school violations. They are there in all reality making our teachers be babysitters.

    3. There are kids on probation in class, that just do not care. PROBATION many wearing ankle bracelets! More problem kids at the Nursery taking away from our teachers ability to help kids who want to learn.

    4. Cell phones are yet another problem, many fights at school start because of them. They are also a major distraction in class. Many of us that are Adults went to school without them, I will go one further for hundreds of years without them. If you parent needed you to do something after school they told you before you went to school. Kids are at school to learn not play on their phones. They should be banned from school period not argument on this planet for them in school, plenty against them though.

    Those 4 things being changed would help greatly in changing the course of our kids education. Also increased pay for teachers would bring more in and also keep substitutes teachers on the list. The coof is a part of it the last couple years in a few places sure, but the truth is Discipline and the ability to remove problem children and those whose language barrier detracts from our teachers ability to help others is the real issues.


    I would add… too many teachers would rather not deal with the learning differences between boys and girls, and instead of teaching that they will label the boys as ADHD and having them drugged up (when they are just asking like boys).

    They want to pretend their is no genders, or force everyone to learn like a female (when that does not work for males).

    Or force gender dysphoria onto their students.

    They are pushing sex education to even younger ages, in order to groom them.

    At one time, sex was taught at home then the parents knew they were mentally strong enough to understand it.

    Then at school, it was the last year of high school (18 year olds).

    Before than, pre-marital pregnancy and teen pregnancy was almost unheard of.

    Then they began lower the age they taught sex, and guess what, that age people were having sex and getting pregnant dropped to.

    Then they lowered the age of it being taught, and guess what, the age of sex and pregnancy dropped along with it.

    Do you see a pattern here?  How they want not just teens to learn (and have sex/get pregnant), they want pre-teens and even those under ten years of age to learn about and have sex…. not just with each other (kids of the same age), but to eventually include ageism (pedos).


    This is all part of the attack against the family, our children, the future of our nation/culture, etc.


    And when you speak up, they will try to demonize you, label you an -ist and -ism.



    My young cousin is a teaching assistant (sports). He works at a school that deals with kids that have learning difficulties. Although he really enjoys his job there’s this one kid who’s a nightmare to deal with. This kid has severe learning difficulties and the school has to give the kid what he wants otherwise he’ll throw a violent tantrum and tell his mummy. One time all the class had gotten gold stars for their good behaviour that week. He got none. Guess what? Brat threw a very violent tantrum to the point where he eventually ended up with a certificate for good behaviour like the rest of the class did! No-one was happy particularly the kids because they knew he was a bully and didn’t deserve this so-called achievement.

    I’ve got learning difficulties myself. Yes I have my bad days but if I had behaved like that back when I was at school I would’ve most likely have been expelled. No excuses. My mum would’ve also have been furious…mainly at me!




    Kids with learning disabilities have always been in public schools, so long as they were able to be. We have way to many Alphabet diseases today thought that are IMO manufactured as schools do in fact get money for each child with it. When I was in school there was a cure for most of it and shockingly that cure worked 99% of the time and never took a visit to a doctor or psychologist, typically required a Board and the child’s Rear-end meeting the Board of Educations. If it failed the follow up treatment known as Dads office behind the Woodshed certainly worked. Shockingly those treatments were backed up by Hundreds of Years of evidence they worked.

    So you had two types of Disabilities (Legitimate) and (Attitude) the First no one looked down on or labeled, as cruel as kids can be for many things they were typically not to people who had problems, in fact any kid who did make fun of them usually met many others who had hearts and compassion and got their asses beat, no need for the Board or Dads office.

    The Attitude kids, well the cure worked most the time and those it didnt work on were removed from school (expelled)

    But 90% of the families had BOTH parents, and those who did not it was typically because One of the parents was taken from this world. There were some single moms from the whoring delegation but it was very rare.

    Our Education system is a Mess right now. It can be fixed but it takes first and foremost Parents taking it back and kicking The Fed-Gov out of it. It should be Local and State level Gov helping when needed. Never Big Brother Fed.

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