Parks Removing Mask Mandates

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    So far, here are the parks (that I know of) that have lifted certain mask mandates:

    – Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom) in all outdoor areas. Indoor areas still require masks and all Cast Members must still wear masks

    – Universal Orlando (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure) in all outdoor areas

    – SeaWorld Orlando in all outdoor areas for vaccinated guests. Right now, there is no vaccine ID system, so they’re just relying on an honor system

    – SeaWorld San Antonio same as above

    – Hersheypark in both outdoor and indoor areas for vaccinated guests. No vaccine ID system here either, just an honor system for now

    – Cedar Point in all outdoor areas

    I’m sure this list will grow longer in the future


      Well when they simply say:

      We are open for business with no restrictions, then they will see large crowds again… Not this honor system crap especially after Fauci himself admitted 40 to 50% or more of his own staff are REFUSING THE SHOT.

      “About 40-50% of CDC, FDA employees are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine according to Fauci, Marks” Said it yesterday before Congress


      I almost think this is them WANTING a super-spreader event(s), so they can LOCKDOWN the country like never before.

      Control who can go where, and when, and … you get the point.


        Silver Dollar City and Dollywood now open No Mask for “vaccinated persons” Honor System if you go Maskless


        – Busch Gardens Tampa Bay same as SeaWorld Orlando and San Antonio


        Our theme parks in Canada aren’t even open yet :(


        Well it seems La Ronde in Montreal is planning to open on May 22:

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