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    In 1982, I was born a PC gamer. My first gaming experience was on the Commodore 64 computer back in the mid 80s, lopping heads off in the classic Conan inspired fighting game “Barbarian”. From then on computer gaming was my life. Yes I did have consoles, but my love and focus has always been on PC. King’s Quest V was the first actual game I played on PC. Time and time again, the experience’s were just never better anywhere else outside of PC. Looking forward to consoles continual integration into the PC and eventual transition into PC applications.


    PC gaming is definitely the way for me, although that could be because I’m just too cheap to but a gaming console. Also most of my games are pretty old. I tend to get them from Good Old Games that updates games from DOS (kids that’s a way to work your computer by actually typing commands into the keyboard) onwards to work on modern systems.


    i am still playing that game on and off, but i do love both the console and the pc,  i don’t subscribe to this which is best mentality they both have their pros and cons, and i feel the ppl who dismiss one for the other are missing out on some gems. like in the case swtor to name a few. or pc players will probably never enjoy god of war.



    i would suggest you at least get a switch, i found having a console as well as a pc expands your content a great deal, plus the switch gives you better mobility.



    one thing the pc has going for it console don’t is longevity, where a console games life span is only measured by the consoles support of it, pc games can last decades, for example one game i still play today that i played back in 98 is populous 3, that games stood the test of time and is still a decent strategic challenge even today.

    list goes on.


    I’ll say that for my strategy games (Stellaris, Crusader Kings franchise, etc) and MMORPGs, I go PC. I need the best performance and nothing beats keyboard and mouse.

    But for my basic gaming needs for regular RPGs and action games, I go console.


    I was a console only person from the 80s into the early 90s. Then I got introduced to this game called Diablo on PC. I have never gone back to console since. :)


    I am a PC Gamer. We are superior. But I quite understand why the peasants need consoles.

    People are entitled to love those consoles. They are are entitled to think their consoles are superior, even if they are wrong.


    Got into PC gaming partly so I wouldn’t have to pay for playing online multiplayer, and since more games had been getting PC port, that made there being even less of a reason to get a console. I did eventually get a Switch and Xbox One, but the latter was only really so I’d be able to play Kingdom Hearts III.


    Only a Sith deals in absolutes.


    Is it possible to learn this power?


    I think it depends on the Game.  I play World of Warcraft on PC because I don’t want to have to flip through to find a spell.  I want it right there with a button to push that way it can happen faster.  WoW works in tenths of a second so that extra time it takes with a controller is not for me.  I don’t even want a Razer Naga Mouse.  I am old school.  I do however move with the mouse rather than they keyboard because it is slower with the keyboard.


      Yes and no.

      I grew up on consoles and have come to own a gaming PC and labtop. I have a bad back and thus enjoy laying in bed to game. Sure, I’ve used my laptop in bed before to game, but it is not the same.


        yeah modding is the best too.


        Bah, PC has its place, consoles have their place.   I prefer console for things like RPG’s and sports games, but I tried playing Overwatch on PS4, and that lasted all of 3 days before I bought it on PC.  I still play, have hundreds of hours on it in fact.

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